Khemrian Warsphinx -> Rhûn Automaton

The very humble beginning. I will "dilute" all of the main parts to make two automatons! You may remember me talking about this idea earlier when the Rhûn project was running at an all time high. I didn't forget it. These automatons will look very little like the warsphinx when I am done with them - this doesn't mean the home-made ones will be better in any way - far from it - but the project shall be more interesting than the finished result, methinks. My versions are very toned-down and boring, add some sloppy sculpting and thumprints and you get how high I am aiming for this project. A purely recreational project.

I supported the local store and paid 50 SEK extra instead of ordering it from www.figurspel.se and my halo shines brighter than normal.

Other projects
- Radagast on sleigh.
- Finish painting sky-chariot.
- Go and buy a flamespyre phoenix.
+ A tonne of other things mentioned earlier that I have forgotten about. I will go back and note each and every one of my promises to our holy hobby.

2 kommentarer:

  1. You are a machine Mr Lamarama! I am very impressed by the amount of pure creative work you get through. Another project I look forward to watching develop.

  2. Why, thank you mr Danisnotatree, that was nice words to hear :) Although I might have bitten off a little more than I might be able to chew: I am leaving town on Monday for a domestic vacation which leaves me without models, paint and green stuff for around two weeks!