Simple Movement Trays

You may have seen these simple movement trays on this blog before. This is how I go about making them:

Get hold of artist's cardboard. Draw lines using an official movement tray as template. Cut with sharp scissors. Paint the edges brown and do the whole PVA+sand. Pimp and paint.
    I shall take back my previous statement of "this will be the overhaul to end all overhauls" regarding the Misty Mountains/Gobbo-army. I will go through it again, fix up the bases and their painting considerably.
    And this goes directly to mr FoB:

WHFB-spiders! Yes, they were on sale on the FLGS and after looking at... can't remember which blog it was, but anyhow, at a certain blog where the guy really made them fit well with his goblin army I decided to take the nerdy plunge!

Slow on hobby, heavy on gun-fights

I have been mostly working and spending my time reading which is why there has been few updates.
   As a few of you dear readers and fellow bloggers may have picked up, I do not live in the fancy parts of this city. I may have mentioned car-burnings, fights and a smaller riot in this area. My neighbour have been seriously wounded in a knifefight so he decided to leave the area, but kept the apartment and is currently renting it to some not-so-serious people - friends of his:

Last Thursday there was a ruccus in my apartment-building staircase, your typical concrete-50's-Soviet-style staircase, and to my surprise (well not surprise really, more of a resigned sigh), three loud bangs (there was, however, five casings). Some shouting and after half a minute I ended my phonecall and went to see outside of the kitchen-window. Two "newly arrived" men (one in a pink bathrobe! and another in just his boxers) threw out another man, unknown to me. Two of the "evicted" man's friends just stood there by their car - which to my surprise wasn't a black BMW(!) - and looked aggressively at the two but did nothing. I slipped back into the shadows of my kitchen.
     I went out to the staircase and found a small hole in a little storage-room and these which probably explained the hole(s?):

In a cold-blooded fashion, typical of ALL llamas, I went back in my apartment and got me one of the WotR-movement trays to have something to compare the size of the little brass casings. I hate this neighbourhood. And I can't say I like this, our malfunctioning legalsystem giving almost no punishment to gun-slingers.

In hobby-news, there is very little - the visits to BoLS are few and far between for my part since the tone is quite... well, not my cup of tea. It is unknown to me if any of the other forums or sites have something new to show for regarding LotR: SBG. Didn't get an early copy of the new White Dwarf either.
     I am currently working on some simple movement trays for the Wargs for Misty Mountains. Pictures will follow. And I finally got to watch the Hunger Games - to my surprise it was actually a really good film. It had a sort of matiné-feeling, while still keeping some sort of sharpness which was unexpected for a child/young teenager-movie.

My current work-schedule is what one would refer to as "crap" and the weather is on the same scale, so we shall see how much hobby will be done. With this I shall take my leave! Let the games begin!


Painting of Arvedui & Malbeth

Painting of King Arvedui and Malbeth the Seer. IMHO Malbeth looks like a drunk old bench-sitting man who stumbles up on unsteady legs to "tell the truth" about something uninteresting that has bothered him.
    The whole drunk-thing is because of the angle the picture was taken. These are nice models, and have been easy to paint. They get 24.3 on a scale of 26.9.

Tidying up the paintjob is left. Also noticed that Malbeth got some paint chipped off. Already?
       The seer will have his inner robes painted much lighter and with a slight pastellish tint. The King was left unsharp because of two reasons: The painting isn't that great, despite x-amount of hours put in. And secondly, the model was not in great condition - while it had very little in the mouldline-department, the whole model seemed warped and distorted, like the mould had been bent and squeezed.

Thats all folks!


Battle: Rohan versus Rivendell

Mr FoB and I got together for a gentleman's battle of War of the Ring. Earlier, the SBG have proven to be a source of physical fights and many a raised voice. Raised voices may not be considered a problem in the socio-economic area we play in, but I highly dislike black-eyes, so WotR was fine with me. In fact, there was never a discussion on what type of LotR-game there was to be played.
    We each rolled a die to see which alignement we each were playing: 1-3 light, 4-6 dark. And proceeded to roll on this chart:

Light Forces (roll a D6)            Dark Forces (roll a D6)
1) Gondor.                                        1) Mordor
2) Rohan.                                         2) Isengard
3) Rivendell.                                     3) Harad (+ Far Harad)
4) Lorien & Mirkwood.                     4) Rhûn (Easterlings and Khand)
5) Erebor (Dwarf Holds).                  5) Misty Mountains
6) Arnor*                                         6) Angmar

*) IE.: Roll again, the Arnor army isn't done yet.

We both rolled something we didn't like and discussed a while and then settled for Rivendell's High Elves being attacked by the straw-haired Swede-wannabes that is the Rohirrim. Consider the table above a unit filler.

So, 750 points, no terrain. First game with a defender and an attacker, and then switch positions for next game. Only captains allowed and magic banned (which is why the points really didn't mattered since my Glorfindel essentially was used as an overpriced goodguy-troll without any magic). This is the last game with these essential parts of WotR disabled for my part.

FoB forgot to bring terrain, which was expected. To play without terrain can prove to make for a slightly less interesting game, but it didn't bother us that much since we setup the forces accordingly:

FoB had: 4 companies of Rohan Outriders, no command
               6 companies of Riders of Rohan, captain and banner
               2 companies of Rohan Royal Knights
               4 companies of Rohan Militia
               2 companies of Helmingas

Llama had: 3 companies of High Elf archers
                 3 companies of High Elf cohort-dudes
                 2 companies of High Elf glaivers
                 2 companies of unarmoured (Wood Elf) archers with Elven cloaks.
                 2 companies of unarmoured glaivers with Elven cloaks
                 1 neutered Glorfindel

The points clearly aren't 750, hehehe...

I at first thought the Elves would be at a disadvantage until I saw that weak left half of FoB's forces and planned, while going to a pre-game toilet-session (reading some of Martin Kellerman's Rocky), to just go all in on that left part, backing up the right part of my army. We haven't yet implemented the change to About Facing from the official FAQ of 2010 which really didn't matter because of the Elves awesome movement.

This game was filled with so many mistakes from us both that it just evened out. I forgot to use my Terror almost all the time. FoB forgot something else, can't remember what it was now... ja, ja...

We had great fun and I found myself behaving like Rainman because for some reason, all the stats have finally stuck in my brain. Stats, not tactis or special rules or general ways of playing well. Just stats. Which sped up the game slightly.
    Almost no brain-time, no analysis-paralysis. We went on with the game in an unusual efficient manner.

There are more pictures, but this is what happened in a nutshell: FoB attacked, I rolled 6's and killed riders here and there. After a while I won and we were too tired (lazy?) to switch sides, or to do anything else than go to the local burger-place and fill our bellies with "freedom-fries" and bacon. Hehehe, freedom fries... remember that? Niiine-eleveeen! Nine eleeevööön!

Notes: Forgot the Wood Elves cloaks which allowed the Rohan Outriders to charge them turn one. I don't think I used their throwing weapons either...

I forgot to charge the remaining Rohan Royal Knights to the right here with my High Elf Cohort. One of the twenty or so mistakes done by me in this game. But the archers in the center beat a formation of Rohirrim without losses.

After this picture was taken there was a larger fight with lots of casualties on both sides and then FoB's forces were broken and we went for din-dins.

6 games played out 100 before the end of 2012! Woohoo!


Rohan versus Rivendell

A magnificent win for your humble battle-reporter! Battle report is currently being put together. The images are just awful, but the coffee we drank during the battle was great.

A few links for your humble perusal:

Paul's Lord of the Rings Miniatures. Some Haradrim stuff.
Tips on photographing minis. Yes, yes, there are a millions of these, but this one seemed uncomplicated. This blog would surely benefit from reading this one instead of me just linking to it.
Interesting project of building a WHFB-ish house.
      This and that on The Magnificent Bastards. Well known page. I would presume this one has some sort of ties with Pointhammered? Or am I wrong?
      While this blog, called Roles, Rules and Rolls is about dungeonmastering and roleplaying, it is still a quite interesting thing - the material is well done indeed and can concordedly be worth a look for us not-so-general geeks.

And a little linky to the Warhammer Forum with a bunch of naked conversions which I found entertaining and interesting.

So, battle report will follow. As always, go to either (Rough) War of the Ring or Dramatic Katastase's blog to found good battle reports. Links to your right.


Wuoops, forgot a bunch of things, like this blog (which like Roles, Rules and Rolls) has some fine images of old-school monsters (träsnitt - wooden cutouts or however the translation would be). If you can't read Italian I suggest you turn on translate, there's some interesting content on this one.
    And lastly, there will be a big celebration for the +30 000 pageviews coming up after the battle-report.

Edit no 2: Hehehe... a great example of a certain behaviour (and also a good article in its own - but I found the dialogue to be almost identical to those one have to endure on game nights where the players aren't LotR-players).


Malbeth the Seer and King Arvedui

Generally, painted models seem to attract most attention. I can understand this, but I am myself a great connoiseur of bare conversions and naked sculpts without primer. Anyways, here are two naked models, that will get a lick of paint on Friday when this crummy workweek have passed.

It seems all I do is complain about work and work and work but one should be happy one has a job, in this strange cold country of ours where the money just dries out when it hits the ground, like a spring rain in a western Pakistani desert.

Aaanyways... As gently recommended by mr FoB and other readers, I will - as also originally planned - redo the shields on the Arnorian knights. And when the old Arnor Warriors saw the artifical light of the night for the first time in a year, I reached an epiphany: These are badly painted models! I thought to myself. I have become slightly better at this painting business!

This is the image that triggered me to buy the horrendously expensive "happy" couple Arvedui and Malbeth (152 SEK! That's like 10 000 GBP... or a billion yuh ess deeh). Picture from the 2008 battle report at Adeptus Windy city by a mr PTbuckle.

Personal Ramblings
As a healthy anonymousity (is that a word?) is applied by this Llama, I can sometimes feel this blog lacks a certain personality, that it sometimes lacks the warmth of other blogs and places on the web where the writers and creators are open with their identy. This is why I have updated the blog with a new page "About Llama" where there is excessive indulgence in my person.
   This lack of warmth is also the reason why I flounder on about the following:

I have noticed there has been some aggressions wented upon people in my proximity: Highly understandable and indeed warranted such aggresssions like knuckle-sandwiches and bare-knuckle "dialogs" (of course, there's a slight exaggeration going on here). Perhaps, I humbly admitted to myself one bloody nose later, I should do tests? Internet-tests were recommended by similar minds on the forum I frequent: One regarding Emotional Intelligence.

I am officially emotionally retarded! XD
    I did it honest and didn't try to score higher - it was quite obvious which were the correct answers and not. To follow it up, my marxist friends told me my political views might suggest I am a horrible racist. One shitty test later, it was settled once and for all: I am indeed an undereducated racist:

The tests above are obviously flawed.

One interesting thing, when I finished the last (other) two tests and talked about the results over at earlier mentioned relaxed forum (which has a healthy sceptiscism to psychology) there was a strong majority of INTJ-people, I was one of them, and it is strange indeed, that a majority of said forumites (at least those taking the test) were of the same type.

To wrap things up: Don't actually think I had a point here, I just wanted to show off my results. Links can be given to each of the tests if you want a good laugh and learn very little about yourself.
    With this comes the end of these ramblings and it will be quite dark on the blog for the week to come, sorry about that. Good bye!

*) The other being the Danish mensa-test which was the only okay test, IMO. Links can be provided.

GRAND EDIT: Blogger seems to be a bit shaky right now. Just lost all my stats (closing to 30k pageviews which I was going to celebrate) together with a whole bunch of other bloggers. Here's hoping the entire blog don't go down :)

Ah, while I am at it, why not spam this whole blogpost that has so little with LotR anyway with some more crap. From BoLS, for some reason, this cracked me up:

And a little note about Detroit and its police. This loosely ties in with some of my statements farther above.
 Is this true?


Painting the Cave Drake, part II

But first, a little link to all our Scandinavian readers: Leffe GW P. pratar övervakningssamhälle på ett roande sätt.

Over at Independent Painters, a Cave Drake have featured as well. It has a more creative painting scheme and a little interesting note about the Drake. This model seems to be very differently appreciated. I love it. And I've heard one podcaster/good painter say it is "the best model GW ever made". And another good painter say it is one of the most boring ones. Interesting indeed, I guess the taste varies.

You may notice the eggs and baby-drake was omitted. They didn't fit well in with the rest of the army. There's a little bit left to do, like painting the rim of the base etc etc, but it's soon done. I enjoyed painting this immensly.

Better picture will follow, but I just wanted to show this little error which I spotted first after looking at Independent Painters (where they got it right): The spiny spikes on her back have been bent and I missed it totally.

More links: This is going out to FoB, who just came home from abroad (you didn't happen to go to Angola, did you?) - nice images from Afghanistan.


Painting and basing a Cave Drake, part one

I finally started painting the metal beast. It is such a great sculpt. As always, the paintscheme is: Vanilla!

I will give this beast all the time she need. There has to be a lot more work on the beige-white parts of the body and the face still is underworked - especially the eyes.

The "tentacles" by the head are just in the beginning phase of painting.

Painting-process: Black undercoat - Tamiya X-1 Black. GW green and bleached bone. Then a lighter green basecoat followed by another slightly lighter basecoat (can't call it a highlight). Then an overbrush with light green followed by a dark green wash. Then another (brownish) was added and then another wash, a very dark brown. And then built the colours up again and finished with a drybrush - I haven't drybrushed in exactly three years but it really worked well with the scales!
    As you may understand, I never had any special plan for the painting. But the result so far stands exactly where I wanted it to stand. Now it is time for the size 2/0 Kalinsky brush!

The base will get a similar work like the other goblin-trays done for my Misty Mountains-army. I intend to give the base some sort of more lively colour as the whole model and its base is quite boring. Indeed, this Llama likes his stuff boring and bland, but this model's just too good to keep simple and (almost) boring.

If I had the place to put another one, I would surely buy me a new one to make an awesome diorama with fallen dwarwes (in red clothes and shields)!
      That's it for tonight and good night fellas!

Oh yeah, almost forgot: The seems of the different parts of the model is clearly visible, but I can't be bothered with that, I just wanted to paint it - but looking at these pictures it really winds me up...


Red and yellow leaves

Still no sunshine, autumn is heavy upon us with his rain and brownish coloured leaves piling up everywhere. With coffee and long walks one can endure and sometimes even like rainy autumns like this.

Rönnbär*. The depressing sign of a long winter to come.

Still no painting but there's a rather resolut atmosphere in this hobby-den of mine that something will be done within the next 36 hours, work or no work, social life or no social life! It is time for the great revenge on my time! I shall say no, no and no to all social obligations - whether they be weddings, divorce-parties or baptisms or even birthdays! No to social life and yes to minifigs and painting!
    Since I have nothing special to report hobby-wise, the following links will have to do. For your perusal:

A really good battle-report over at Adeptus Windy City.

Some nice bases from GW:s blog.

Interesting conversion on a blog. I don't particulary like the model itself, but the painting and conversion is worth a look. I am sure there are other things on this blog
A short but accurate blogpost on finecast.

*) Don't know what these are called in the lingua franca of our time, but I guess you could call them fox-berries or sourthings.


Another Monday

To start us all up for the forthcoming week, I thought we all share a laugh (thanks to Minipax for this link):

Worst death scene ever in a movie. Waaaahaaaah! *Bam* WAAAAAAAHAAAAAAH! etc.

PS) To all you internet-newbies, turn off captions (the red thingie in the toolbar in the bottom of the movie).


Problematic internetz

This will be a short one as I am struggling with work and other things (see image below). The internet have been shaky up here in the cold north, AKA Sweden. But some good news is that TPB is back online. The TPB can be used for finding "t0rrent-files" such as Br3aking Bad, Dext3r and Futur@ma. You could also use google to find said t0rrents.

I have been foot-wounded!

My work gave me a foot-wound and there is very little money left for us natives when we have a bad day or some unplanned wounds (not to mistake for the planned "wounds" of a bar-round). My happy neighbours, though, they can stay home and watch Oprah everyday. Which they in fact do.

Theme of the week: Delirious multiculti fantasies:

Word of the week: Spoilsport. Hehe, had to google it, thanks Annatar!
Mood of the Day: Grumpy but awesome.