Problematic internetz

This will be a short one as I am struggling with work and other things (see image below). The internet have been shaky up here in the cold north, AKA Sweden. But some good news is that TPB is back online. The TPB can be used for finding "t0rrent-files" such as Br3aking Bad, Dext3r and Futur@ma. You could also use google to find said t0rrents.

I have been foot-wounded!

My work gave me a foot-wound and there is very little money left for us natives when we have a bad day or some unplanned wounds (not to mistake for the planned "wounds" of a bar-round). My happy neighbours, though, they can stay home and watch Oprah everyday. Which they in fact do.

Theme of the week: Delirious multiculti fantasies:

Word of the week: Spoilsport. Hehe, had to google it, thanks Annatar!
Mood of the Day: Grumpy but awesome.

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