Arnor shield-designs

Sketched up a few different types of Arnorian designs. Following, at first, this site and the interesting designs and interpretations, I finally settled with something "official" - green and white and six stars. This in contrast to one well known example: White star on black background. Nevertheless, here they are:

Some minor work on the bases left. And they are all missing movement trays, which will be fixed... sometime. Time to go to bed, however, so I think I'll pause episode 68 of World's End Radio and brush the old stubs. Oh, one final little thing: I am well aware of the horses funny eyes, they are right on the priority list of things to do with these buggers!

Good night! And welcome autumn to our sweet banlieu (and welcome 250% increase in robberies)!

4 kommentarer:

  1. If I may be the spoilsport, I think Arnor had a crown and SEVEN stars as their sigil. This also looks very nice though, so if you're not as lore-cramped as some (not me!:)) I can understand you want to keep them like this.

  2. Great... just great... *seven* stars...

    But in all seriousness, this is what I wanted, some informed feedback - and these shield-designs were just "sketches".

    The shield of the newest model of Faramir (anno 2010?), didn't that one have a crown and some stars? Blue and gold were the colours used.

    Thanks Annatar!

  3. These guys look really good! You have definitely produced a paintwork which is above what I expect from tabletop standard. If you would just give the shields a tiny bit more effort to get the design a bit crisper these would go up another notch.