Angmar Army

Angmar army failure. There is very little coherence within the different elements of this army. To bind it all together I will do three things:

DIY-pictures of Angmar army.

1) The Ghouls and Fallen (Mantic zombies) have the right tone of dark earth on their trays and bases - all trays and bases will get this treatment, which is in fact already started, they just miss a dark wash and then all trays and bases should look coherent.
2) Add another two formations of Ghouls and Fallen that will make up the backbone of the army. I have some rules and points figured out already.
3) After the addition of two shades, the etherals will be needing some work to look more "the same" - as it stands now it looks to feastly with all the blue and green, especially when the Ghouls and Fallen turned out quite "sharp" in their respective colours.

(4) ... there will be some work done on the paint on both Sûlavhar (work name) and the Plague Cart. I would really like to crowbar in some more barrels to tie it together with the whole plaguge thing. And this is where Celgor Darkhand (and his atrocious paint-scheme) comes in. Only he doesn't come in, he just stands there, looking homesculpted. He's got a gravestone behind him and this could very well prove to be the help I need to tie this thing together.

Perhaps I shall go the green-tinted direction to tie it all together. As it stands now, it seems like a bunch of strange undead creatures without any relation. A shade or two, painted greenish, will help it I think.

Concluded, this is an army that wasn't really thought through thoroughly, though. Heh...

EDIT: I would also like to welcome Pablo el Marques to the sidebar - his stuff is in Spanish, but we're all intelligent people, we who like Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, aren't we? I think we can manage, and if not, high time to learn a new language, n'est pas/inte sant?

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is looking good -- albeit a tad jaowsish (jaows means "over the top geeky" for those who aren't in the know).

    Don't go to far in trying to tie it altogether because I like how you can visually separate the different units from one another. That Celgor guy seems to be well made. He is a bit blurry though.


  2. Why, thank you! Celgor is surprisingly blurry. Or should I say "surprisingly"?

    Vet du inte att jag myttade fram en förklaring om vad j.a.o.w.s står för? Nu blir det ju lite pinigt här då rå va' :D But yes of course, jaows means "over the top geeky"!

    I will try to make them slightly more "an army", but your critique and comments have hit home!

    In this comment I have used quotation marks a whopping six "times".

    Good day to you sir!