As Angmar is nearing completion (still waiting for a day with sunlight for picture-taking) and other bits and pieces of the hobby have either been finished or put aside (also awaiting the camera), I am now contemplating Arnor. In WotR, Arnor is a part of Gondor - which is okay, I guess, but not really great IMO - and Forgotten Kingdoms is an ally-only list with the parts of the light side that didn't fit in anywhere special or that should be available for most goodguy-armies.
    Since my little project of making nice little army-lists with stats and specials (plus some minor tweaking of said stats and some rules) have gotten along quite alright, an idea has formed dedans mas cervaux: To reconfigure Forgotten Kingdoms into a normal army, called Arnor:

- Warriors of Arnor Regiment/Warband/whatever
- Royal Guard of Arnor, with accompanying specials and heroes.
- Messengers/Riders/Knights/Enforcers of Arnor. Knights, basically - and I knew the Perrys' Mounted Men at Arms would come to use - they will fit in reeeaaal nice with the Arnorian warriors after some just slight modifications.
- I will also lazily crowbar in Carrock (Beorns) and something else of the "fantastic" department of Forgotten Kingdoms. I guess the Hobbit Militia will have a place here too.

The remaining parts, Wizards and Great Eagles, will be integrated in corresponding (or at least somewhat suiting) armies. Like Great Eagles or Ents in Mirkwood. And Ghan-Buri-Ghan will just have to go fuck himself. Or his butt-ugly "warriors". Or I'll stuff him in Rohan. Yes, I'll put him and his "special friends" in Rohan as a legendary formation.

We can also find Dunedain and Rangers of Arnor in the Gondorian army list, so I think the finished list will be meaty enough. The Twins (Elladan and Elrohir, IIRC) are apparently a part of Forgotten Kingdoms/Arnor but personally... hmm... we'll see...
      The painting of these Warriors of Arnor is the style I will go with. This image is likely also from GW.

Continued Ramblings
Below: Found the image of an Angmar army on GW:s homepage - a homepage that has gotten better. A bit more content. Personally, I am not sure if they're there yet, so to say, but they'll get the hang of it one day. The White Dwarf really looked different, a bit more friendly - which was what they were aiming for, one can only assume.

 It looks like the army that is inside the WotR-rulebook.
     There is still some things to do with my Angmar army and especially the Shades (x2) which aren't even begun with yet. Can you say that: " ... aren't even begun with yet?"

Ja, ja... next up: CAVE DRAKE! Wooohoooo!

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  1. I love this army it's excellent work

    1. Thanks man! I will have to get back to it ASAP!