Rivendell Chariot

Continuing work on the Rivendell Chariot. High Elf crew, naturally. I managed to press it all in on a 64mm base, which I am thankful to my readers and fellow bloggers for suggesting.

So, what do I now need your help with? For starters, the banner. Where to place it - I do not want Japanese like banners that the WHFB chariot came with, and I am not keen on the idea of placing the type of pike-banner that is shown on the leftmost part of the images in the same way (which is in the extreme back of the chariot). The only option would be one of the crew holding it... But that's only how I see it, so if you have an idea, let me know.

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  1. Your chariot is very nice. The size of it was a disadvantage for you so far. Try now to make it an advantage. You can use a third Elf as a banner bearer, anyway you have a lot of space there. As for the banner check this:

  2. The chariot is looking great! I am stuck with the same problem of trying to decide where to mount the banner on my easterling chariot, although I really like your idea of having 2 crew members. Depending on how high the banner pole is, maybe you can mount to the front of the chariot cab right in front of the elves so it flies back over their heads rather than being at the back of the chariot? Or it could go in the front corner rather than in the middle.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Thanks guys! Two really good ideas. I will first try yours, el Zorro - it seems like the one with the less amount of hassle :)

    I do have a third Elf, and it would indeed fit another on the base - it does look a little empty at the back of the chariot. Regardless, I shall make a little mock-up to see if a separate banner bearer would do the trick.

    Have a good one, dudes