Work on Rivendell and Angmar

As I have been swamped with work and social obligations, I have yet not finished Angmar, nor have I managed to get the Rivendell army together for a group shot.

I have decided to make my Edheldu into a legal, counts-as army with the rules of Lorien and Mirkwood warriors and so split the Elven Realms into two and make separate army lists for them. This is nice fluff- and theme-wise and I think it will be more interesting to have two separate elf forces as well as making it simpler and more easy to get an overview. The Rivendell part will be expanded with a chariot (since I just built one) and a catapult.
    The paint-scheme on the Wood Elves above are perfect for Rivendell and the next project after these:

- Finish sculpting and painting of Celgor.
- Finish Angmar-project. Not much left: Three companies of Fallen and two companies of Ghouls with gray-black skin. They should be "lookin pimpin'", as they say.
- Group-shot of Rivendell.

Angmar is nearly finished though and at this moment I am not only blogging but also sculpting on a rather uninspired Celgor Darkhand. My first illustrations, blueprints - call them whatever - were just that: Simple, ragged and undead-ish. The end result became too simple and ragged, I will try to rectify this by making the base interesting, and try really hard to differentiate the paint-scheme from a generic Ringwraith's black palette. I can't bring myself giving him a staff since it should be really only for Maiar - which BTW is the reason why Beruthiel never got one, even though originally planned so.

The end for this Saturday.

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