Painted Arnor Knights

Based on the Perry Miniatures' Mounted Men at Arms. As always there are a thousand little things left to tidy up, and as always I'll settle for almost-done. To me, it feels like: I paint something up to an acceptable standard - for me, I am not an good painter but still learning and I'll get to the "okay painter"-status eventually - in a certain amount of time, let say 10 hours. In 10 hours the result is acceptable. But to get it good I would need another 10 hours! Not one, not two... but almost the same time as it took to get the whole project ready for battle/good enough. I guess I am too much of a pragmatic/practical kind of person to take that extra time. Especially when there isn't that much enjoyment to get out of it... for me at least. Blah-blah-blah, here they are:

As always fellow hobbyists, I wish you a calm and simple weekend in harmony, preferably with tuc-crackers and bluecheese and some jam on top of that little pile of cheese.

Look at that little face, how can one not relate to the knight that looks like he'd rather stay home and play games!

 ALMOST FORGOT: Welcome to the sidebar Scyld and Seax!
       And on a little self-absorbed note: I never wanted to use the sidebar for personal presentation, so now there's a little page on the top of this blog dedicated to this young whippersnapper (whatever a "whippersnapper" is, I assume it is not something gay).

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the side bar! You painted these up quickly, especially when comapred to me!

  2. Had the whole Friday night free - instead of doing boring stuff like meeting new people etc, I worked on these :)