No LotR in this month's WD

I got it today and flicked it through, found no pages of LotR. Though I did noticehow fat the issue was and that there was some kit-bashing going on there. It looked very different from the last WD:s I bought (around a year ago or so).

However, on the last page, there's a tantalizing image of a bearded man smoking a pipe, that in WD-tradition should mean something awesome for us LotR SBG-fans (WotR-fans). Awesome, I tell you!

LATE EDIT: Forgeworld did a so called primarch for 40K. Angron, I believe he is called - I think his name have been mentioned in 40K radio sometimes.This is likely huge for 40K-players out there, just wanted to put it out there. I guess one could compare it to GW making some sort of avatar-forms of Valar... maybe not, but it sure got me thinking... if one were to avoid Yavanna and similar gods, like Jeff - God of Biscuits, it could look real kewl.

2 kommentarer:

  1. What do you think? New releases or re-releases in finecast? I am afraid the second.

  2. Oh, of course... re-releases... how did my mind not go there directly. Yes, I am inclined to agree with you. There is a chance though that they do some sort of "softening up" before the Hobbit.

    I think I'll hope for a *real* release and deal with the dissappointment later :)