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Before going any deeper into this evening's subjects, I would just like to tell you about the current projects that are worked on in the Llama-habitat:

1) Angmar army. Awaiting sunlight for photography-session. Some movement trays are left to fix as well.
2) Cave Drake. This is the final steps for my Misty Mountains-army. There are a few things left to do with the large formations of Goblins, but this is definitely nearing completion.
3) Ship two pair of wings to mr Flower of Battle.
4) Get rid of a bunch of WHFB movement trays (used for our pre-WotR game we developed).
5) Get rid of a bunch of WHFB- and 40K-bits to some nice person contributing on some respected forum.
6) Work on the Valar-project, which would be separate from the SBG and WotR, more like a boardgame. The models would still be compatible with WotR...
7) Buy blue-cheese and crackers for Friday.
8) Destroy/evict my neighbours.

The eight point is likely something that my neighbours have planned for my part, so a mutual balance of terror is harmonizing my behavior.

So, back to Arnor:

I knew there was a way to crowbar these great models into War of the Ring/LotR: Strategy Battle Game! How good aren't these? Almost no mouldlines (admittedly, mr FoB and I shared an order just a few days after they were released so the moulds was almost in mint condition, I would assume).
   There is a soon-to-be hornblower in the back rank, a captain and a banner bearer. One of the riders got a broken lance... which is on purpose. They will look weathered. Not necessarily veterans, just weathered.

That is all, I wish you all a nice weekend dear readers. Your input and comments are always appreciated and it makes me happy to see how many takes the time to stop by! Remember, give me a link in the comment-section below if you've got a blog/homepage with LotR WotR or SBG or just general Lord of the Rings-content. See ya!

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  1. Great idea, for some great figs - Llama. I've had my eye on those too and you are really making me want to re-purpose them for LOTR but I think I'll hold firm and make them C15th and base them up for Impetvs. They really do look the part for GW Arnor though, which really shows how much more 'modern' the PJ/GW designs are than the kind of almost Dark-Ages image I always got reading LOTR.

  2. They are nice figs indeed! Of course I would like to see someone else do some LotRification of these, but to have a squadron for both Impetus AND LotR would be prohibitive in regards to space to put them all, at least it would be for me. Space is a constant headache and I only got ONE system... !

    It was mr FoB of Flowerofbattle, IIRC, who said something about the armour of the men of Gondor in the PJ-movies and how unusual it was for an army or even fighting-group to consist of only plate armoured men in medieval Europe. Granted, LotR isn't medieval Europe, but still.

    And not to mention this talk about the men of Gondor being clad in mail? Another strong pointer to the early Dark-Ages - which was my interpretation as well. Regardless, they really fit well in and there was a limited surprise from my part that it hadn't been obvious to me...

  3. Really like these miniatures, and your conversions are great! Can't wait to see them painted!

  4. Thanks mate! And welcome to the sidebar!

    Je comprends un petit peu de francais, dans l'ecole je m'apprends. Mais ma dire est mal, n'est pas?!

    Je parle tres mal.