Court of Fallen Kings

As I am floundering and poundering where to place the High Elf banner on the chariot, I am also fixing and doning with the Barrow-Wights. The GW LotR Barrow-Wights are such good sculpts. Admittedly, there was a minor surprise as to their size - rather large models, these are, in fact... And now I am talking/writing like Yoda, improvement on this exectued will be.

Regardless of llama-esque brain-faults, here they are:

I shouldn't have placed the official/original Wights in the front when taking into account these images are meant to show off the progress on the sculpting and conversion, but there you have it, captain Hindsight strikes again.

2 kommentarer:

  1. What sorcery is this -- a picture taken by Llama with a decent lightsource? Yokes aside, I do like the sculptural effect of the side lighting.

    This unit will look really effectful when you're done. Are the non-GW guys modded Mantic skeletons?

  2. Haha, thanks. Yes they are indeed Mantic Skellies!