Celgor Darkhand

Celgor Darkhand is a character which was brought to my geeky attention a while ago while flipping through some old Middle-Earth roleplaying publications. He is a man of plague and darkness and will fit perfectly into Angmar. He will be the leader for the army that is currently on the table (besides the High Elf chariot)

The images above come from said publication and show two different artists' [tolkningar] of Celgor.
    Angmar army below. It is still in a sad shape:

And I would also like to welcome this blog to the sidebar. I am slowly but steadily learning the different functions of the blog and will try to make it more alive as it goes - this of course includes more links to nice LotR-blogs. I also added DMT's blog a while ago. Only blogs that are updated regularly shall be kept in this list, purging will presumably have to happen sooner or later as the list builds. I hope I will not have to remove myself, at least not in the nearest few years.

I have crammed the High Elf chariot onto a 64mm base, thanks to el Zorro and mr FoB for pushing me in that direction. The chariot seems a bit forced, size-wise, but it will probably look okay when its done. Picture will follow.

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