Beginning of Angmar for WotR

I have started to assemble all the pieces of the upcoming Angmar army. The base of this project, the models below, are in a way highly inappropriate for Lord of the Rings. However, Ghouls are mentioned in some of the works of Tolkien - pheeew - and the Mantic Zombies I can crowbar in by calling them "Fallen". With this nice little word they now seem absolutely suitable. Taste it: ... Fallen...

 Ghouls and Fallen. Obviously from Mantic.

The Ghouls, who have been shown here like two years ago. Their bases are the worst thing with this whole project: Coins! As it was, at the time, impossible to get non-GW round bases it was actually much cheaper to just use coins instead of using them as payment for plastic round bases. Life's strange sometimes.

And the zombies/fallen. I have a tonne of Mantic models that will be used for conversions and other fun things further into the Angmar project. Other parts of Angmar will include, but not limit itself to:
    - A small DIY-version of Gulavhar (40 mm base)
    - A company of homemade Werewolves. The intention here is to use Bloodletter-bodies. But what heads?
    - Barrow-Wights.
    - A Plague Cart.
    - Ghostly Legion, x32 models.

That's it. Have a nice weekend fellow hobbyists!

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