To all my homies!

Dear mr FoB, why do you update so seldomly this blog of yours? Here are wings that you so humbly requested. You said, and I quote: "Wy [sic ]won't you poste any pix on ur wingz lolz?!?!?!?11!?!"
    Because you never update. But I found it in my heart to do this for you:

And not only that, you wanted a couple of wings, didn't you, well pick and choose two different pairs and perhaps the mailman will be so kind... ...

And not only that, even if I have spilled soda in my keyboard - and it annoys the living shit out of me, keys sticking and keep pressing "AAAA" - I still have time for my bloggin' homos - ehm, homies - out there: Notice how I finally have added some new bloggers, updated a few of the army pics and now this:

It has come to my attention that Dramatic Katastases is celebrating his 1 year anniversary. Here, have a specialty of the Swedish culture, a messy-cake:

There you go!

And el Zorro, I will try to get a little mock-up of the 64mm version of the chariot done before putting the old head on the old feather-bowl (I am trying out new idiomatic expressions in an attempt to further my linguistic skills - especially the English language).

Also, inspired by Dramatic Katastases, I will make it easier to "follow" this blog. Someone please remind me if I forget it.
     And why no interest in the big bag of WHFB movement trays? If I didn't knew better I'd say some people just look at the pretty pictures. This keeps me safe in my belief I can write any shit I want, no one ever reads the texts, hahahahaaa!
     That should be all. Good night, keep your chin up - soon it is tuesday and suddenly there's a weekend in front of us. Go with Christ, bro'!

EDIT: Oh, forgot I had this one for you, I guess it's old news - really old news, but to a person like me that know not-so-much about 40K, this was highly amusing:
And a disgusting close-up on the somewhat blonde babe as she adds some of that hot red of hers. These are actually sold as "prisoners" on the GW homepage. However, I am certain someone have made these work, despite her eyebrows, and made a great diorama or Sultan on Flying carpet and here I stand and... I digress... Good bye.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I want one each of the two types of wings in the column furthest to the right, please.

    I shall update my blog shortly.


  2. You shall receive them!