Suggestions on High Elf chariot

Between the completion of Queen Beruthiel (AKA Duran Duran) and the start of another project, namely the whole Angmar army, I was wondering if I shouldn't sneak another project in between, a goodguy-project:
    I have fancied the idea of a High Elf chariot - not necessarily charioteer* - and when I bought the WHFB Elf chariot only for its pulling-lions, I just put the actual WHFB-Elf chariot aside as it looked, at the time, stupid. But now, I am not so sure anymore. If there's one little doubt, then there would be the size of the base - a necessary evil, yes... but when you compare it with the Khandish charioteers it looks too large. Any suggestions on this matter? Perhaps by decorating the base in a grand manner and just go for the centerpiece-look it would look better, more natural?

The horses from Tom Meier are slightly taller and somewhat thinner. They fit very well with the overall look and are almost perfect when taking scale and size into account. The High Elf spearmen were originally for replacing some bad models in the WotR-cohort I have, but if this project is launched they will have to get used to their new role. And as I said before, the actual wagon is a WHFB High Elf White Lion chariot or similar.
    Opinions and suggestions are highly sought after here, gentlemen. Comments are appreciated.

A little tiny edit:
*) Not enterily sure if the distinction is clear or even exist between the two.

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  1. Cool idea. I used the WHFB-Elf chariot as the basis for an easterling chariot. By trimming the back end a little and moving the wheels up you can get it to fit on a 40mm base just fine. see here for pictures:

  2. Thanks for the input!

    This is now posing an even bigger problem seeing how you made it work, though... Thanks for nothing, I guess ;) no, but seriously, if one can, as you say, move the wheels and fix the rest, perhaps even modify the horses it could work.