Queen Beruthiel

Here she is. A sad story indeed, Queen Beruthiel with her many cats. Particulary this plastic version, tragically made from a 40K-model! GASP!
     This former queen is obviously floating next to the bar-disc ordering a Baccardi breezer with some ice pressed into the bottle-neck - she knows what she wants and how to get. But seriously, the finger-thing is - was - made with purpose, since there were going to be fabric (green stuff) floating around her arm and up to the hand, a little like an Indian dancer, but I am not wholly sold on my idea anymore.
     The other hand... I really want to go stupid obvious and give her a snake-staff, a little like the Easterling War Priest I did way back. It remains to see if I can withstand the pressure of kitsch/over-theming.

Perhaps I will add a little cat-ghost beside her... although there's not much in the rules/texts that imply she's undead or a spirit (except for Spirit Grasp and Spirit Walk, which I just use a neat inspiration) I shall still make her more apparition-/spectral-like than how she was portrayed in Unfinished Tales or wherever it was that she was portrayed.
    Umbar is mentioned in original texts and she is listed in the Fallen Realms in the WotR-rulebook so I shall excuse me for going down this route: She will be portrayed as a Haradrim-babe (well, a sort-of-dead babe - or just like Galadriel in her "War-form") and hence the strange banner thingie on her back. It will be trimmed down. She is tilting slightly backwards, but is still hovering above regular Haradrim Warriors which goes perfectly well with the theme of not only Haradrim leaders, but the image I had of Beruthiel, should she ever be used in Lotr: WotR. I will make some SBG-rules for her, just need to get updated on the SBG first...
   Colourschemes; either an etheral look or a Haradrim-with-a-twist. No particular dark themes colourwise - even if she is mentioned to be a Black Numenorean, I would gladly put her into the city GW placed into Middle-Earth - Khârna - in tradition of their obvious references used in WHFB and 40K. Of course, it may very well be so that Tolkien made up the Khârna that is mentioned in the sourcebooks, but I can't say I think so and I definitely don't care enough to look it up. Even in these days of google and whatnot.

Anyways, mini-Gulavhar is getting some paint:

As always I paint without joy and little spirit but make up for it by listening to some of the podcasts, be it 40K radio or Pointhammered or whatever. Painting is satisfying, but no more than how one satisfies ones hunger with dry bread. I prefer assembling models - even if the new lightbulbs help ever so slightly with my painting. And with that happy note I end this post with a big and fat fuck you. No, just kidding, good bye.

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