Tolkien illustrations

Just a quick find to present: Illustrator Ted Nasmith. While I suppose many of you have already heard of this man, it is never wrong to present you with a link to some of his work. I am not certain, but I think I saw him in one of the Making of the Hobbit on youtube - which wouldn't be that strange, since he was involved with the Lord of the Rings-trilogy.
      Ted Nasmith's Tolkien illustrations.

Majestic Bear's stone giant.

And lastly, this nice Stone Giant, from Majestic Bear. It would be great if he did some rip-off designs for the Hobbit when the movie comes. This Stone Giant would have worked well for my Wood Elves/Edheldu project, as a Púkelman.

Good bye from a crowded internetcafe (picture actually not mine, since I haven't transfered my pictures yet, but as I promised, the "Llama stuck in a hole" will soon be uploaded).

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  1. Hey .. I recognise that Stone Giant ... I painted it : )

  2. You've got some sweet stuff on your page, I shall have to update with some further information regarding said page. Especially the goblins with the light sand/light brown :D

  3. omg almost makes you wanna throw that turquoise baby on the ground or off a cliff.