Haradrim Taskmaster and others

Haradrim Taskmaster, Haradrim Banner bearer and of course the Queen. There are minor things to fix up, so I'll follow the Llama-tradition and pronounce them done.

The banner turned out as I wanted it: Purple frame for the Queen, black background for the Umbarian origin of her new evil reign in Harad; and of course red for the Mordor influence. The patterns are poorly disguised eyes as well as a jigsaw-ish pattern to imply her special past etc etc. The former explanation of the pattern is merely an excuse: I was going to paint a regular Haradrim snake over the whole pattern but just didn't feel up to it after spending half a D6G-episode on the painting of just the background of the banner! The background will suffice - especially when in company of the other poorly painted banners in my Harad army.

With the Queen being finished I shall turn my llama-furry attention to the renovation of my High Elf army (Rivendell) and also to finally finish my Angmar-project so to have at least a 1000-point legal, playable, painted Angmar army... I bit the bullet and bought, a couple of months ago, two expensive Barrow Wights in order to convert the rest from some Mantic Skeletons and epoxy putty and some other bits and pieces.

I've also got quite a good reception on my articles that were written a few months ago and I will make some new ones, perhaps including a rant or two - there's been waaay too few long rants and personal-attacks here lately.

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  1. they look really good mate, really like the blue! (also thanks for the welcome to the sidebar :))

  2. I have appearantly been blind and have missed a bunch of comments, sorry for not coming back to you faster :)

    Welcome and thanks for positive input!