Queen Beruthiel of Umbar

Aaaah yeah! The biatch is nearly done. Her crew will have to be finished before I bother getting a proper picture of the lot.

Please note the little cats by her sides. I will make another black cat, this because: In my opinion, objects that are just for decoration, without purpose, should be in uneven numbers - it just looks more balanced in a assymetric kind of way. Maybe it is just some sort of design-tic I have, but I think it not only looks better, but also confer the message of being decoration better. A bit "abstract" thinking here, but there you have it.
    The Queen, as it stands now, looks very much like someone from Duran Duran, and she will need to have her 40K Dark Eldar face washed away... Inspiration for the crew can be found in the post below.
    With this I wish you all a very happy weekend.

And remember: Comment, come with suggestions or give me a link to your own blog, I am always on the look for interesting LotR-hobby!

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