Back to "reality". Gulavhar.

Reality... yes... Gulavhar. Yesterday I sinned once again. I knowingly walked into a FLGS/LFGS and bought a box of K**rne Bl***let**rs! The reason was to make my own Werewolwes for the WotR Angmar army that is currently under construction here. The legs from said creatures will be great for my Werewolwes, and the price was okay. But what to do with the rest of the bits and pieces? Some of it will go to the redoing of my homemade Gulavhar and the rest of the parts we shall see what we can do with.
     I showed some images way back, of a conversion/DIY made out of green and gray stuff plus Mantic Ghouls and Mantic Zombies, but it looked more like a Vampire, and it was much too small. This conversion/sculpt will look better, yes, but still be too small for a 60 mm base - and especially not a 64mm base - so I am thinking of making my own rules, like a "Sulavhar" (not actual name of creature) with a little less points and a little less punch based on a 40 mm base. It should be downgraded powerwise since the base size of 40mm would give it too much of an advantage, IMO. Such a powerful creature should not be able to ninja through your own lines that easy, is my reasoning here.
    Any name suggestions of this creature that is greatly inspired by the GW Gulavhar would be appreciated.

Feels good to be back in the cold north, I can tell you. And I shall end with a link to some sweet goblins!

With this I wish you all a happy weekend filled with good old LotR-hobby!

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