Mordor Army update.

A little Mordor army update. Since I will have to get going if I am ever to finish my 100th game this year, as promised, I will have to get going and at least take an army out of the closet.

Due to the nature of my workspace, I had to cram them all on a little table and could only take the picture with the light behind the army. This gave the army an interesting look, but still unsharp. Ah, well... here's whats in it:

Leaders/legendary formations
- Sauron. Used in one battle since I bought him.
- The Nine Abroad. All homemade, quite pleased with them.

- Orc Warband x 7 companies with full command. Plus one missing company that's hiding somewhere.
- Orc Archer Warband x 3.
- Morannon Orc Warband x 3.
- Morannon Orc Warband x 3, captain and banner bearer.

- Warg Riders x 6 with full wargear and captain.
- Warg Riders x 3 with bows.

- Morgul Knights x 6 with full command.
- Black Numenorean Regiment x 2 with captain and banner bearer. All conversions from plastic TLA-warriors.

Mordor Troll Chieftain. Homemade.
Mordor Troll Drummer. Also a DIY.
Mordor Trolls x 5. Heavily converted and partially homemade.

Siege Bows x 2. Homemade.
Great Beast of Gorgoroth. Beast is DIY with converted Perry Men at Arms as crew. I shall have to come up with some suiting rules for this one.

This particular army isn't legal if anyone thought so. You may also notice that the troll's bases as well as the GBoG's base aren't that fun - quite boring they are, actually. This is noted and perhaps some day I will decorate them slightly.

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