Llama in a hole!

As promised, vacation-pictures since we all love to watch other people's vacation pictures for hours and hours.
It says Llama on the sheet of paper in front of my face. I hardly believe my boss would appreciate if he found out I was out on the streets during the festivities rather than doing my job.
    The hole was about three meters deep and insidiously camouflaged by the Raita-raitas and kenga-leaves.
The main street calmed down during the festivities (see older posts for more fascinating information about this incredible mix of cultures) to almost zero people outside, but when the sun got low I managed to get hold of a gentleman that without further questions took the pictures of me - to warn others from this unfortunate person's fate(!):

He later died from stuckednessrities, a horrible death indeed, a death I escaped since I am not fantastically stupid. More on that later, but I just feel compelled to mention the Chovington's again: They seem to have fled the internet? But why? Their old homepage is down and I receive no more angry letters from mrs ****** ** *******... Are there any persons in the UK (why not the whole Commonwealth while we're at it - this is serious indeed) who knows what might have happened with these nice people?

I have finished painting Queen Beruthiel. I used a Kolinsky brush and my word was it a great experience! So painting is done and I shall continue by make a little special command tray for the Queen, but nothing super-special. The guys will all be converted, using these as inspiration (another great batch of modeling from Samoht over at the onering dot whatever slash something-something). 
     And here's two links especially for FoB, but I recommend others to check these two blogs out as well. They are in Spanish, but it's never too late to polish that language up. Especially you English-speaking readers, do you know how similar your languages really are?

1) Ruins.
2) Some sort of "installation".

Good day gentlemen.

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