Queen Beruthiel with Haradrim warriors

Queen is nearing completion. The Duran Duran look is somewhat toned down, but now she's got a puppy-look with that special nose of hers. The guy with the whip, on Beruthiel's left, got his hand and the whip from the Dark Eldar Scourges box - which I bought just for the wings... it was satisfying to use other parts of the box, it made the cost of the wings feel less... imposing...

In other "news" I have just listened to the worst piece of crap episode of a podcast ever. Pointhammered* episode 40 - two hours of drunk retards singing about their dicks and laughing really annoying. Still, I listened through it. 'Cause I'm a man, what I start, I will also finish, just like Beruthiel above.
   About Beruthiel's base: Three black cats are surrounding the rock she is hovering from - should I perhaps make one of them white? You guys who knows anything about this character probably know what I'm speaking of here, don't have the strength to recap her story now - I have been sick for a few days but finally getting better.

And in other-other news, I have around 40 WHFB movement trays (you know, those with their "backs" open - a little rim around the flanks and front, but not the back) that are behaving surplussy on me and I will probably give them to someone kind...

Good bye, time to sleep. Have a nice weekend all you hobbyists out there!

*) Pointhammered provide some interesting aspects of the hobby and there is no need to be frightened by their strange dialects and accent, go ahead and listen to it.

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