Mahûd Crew on Mûmak

Currently replacing my Haradrim crew with Mahûd Warriors. No gameplay change, only an aesthetic adjustment.


Perry Miniatures' Men at Arms Mercenaries

Painting of Perry Miniatures' Men at Arms Mercenaries, WIP.


White Dragon going to the mouldmaker

I would like some input as to what to do with the White Dragon before he goes to the mould making workshop, six or seven metres from where I sit right now. I am well aware that he is somewhat rugged and that the scales are patchy and few. In fact, there are only four or five patches of scales. This is done on purpose since he may be converted into something else (like a hydra or fellbeast) which doesn't have any scales. Should I shave the scales off, though?

Here he is at the moment:




Someone making some cartoony buildings, haven't really looked closer into this...


Modular Walls - QC - Fine cast

A piece of the mould, not something to worry about though.

A few air bubbles, otherwise fine. Finecast.

More bubbles... more problematic ones, though totally solvable with more vacuum and faster pouring.

Overview of front.


A fine cast.


Crappy pictures of ongoing Edheldu project

BIG DISCLAIMER: Pictures are crappy since I'm a vamp-kid that only hobby (verbalizing[TM]) during night when it is dark. Dark during night, you say? Yes, this is true...



There was an interview with a person from http://www.3t-studios.com/gallery-1. Lots of terrain and lots of inspiration.

Pictures of ongoing projects will follow. A small video, or rather a small sound clip with a dark screen, will also be uploaded when this blogger finds time for these choirs.

The Covington Choir, ofc.