Crappy pictures of ongoing Edheldu project

BIG DISCLAIMER: Pictures are crappy since I'm a vamp-kid that only hobby (verbalizing[TM]) during night when it is dark. Dark during night, you say? Yes, this is true...

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is really looking better and better -- rastasafaraj level!

    The undergrowth and stones is really great. Will the big bird be so black towards the edges of the wings?

    /Shandar Singh

  2. Why, yes, mr Singh (the most common surname of Dingdong-land) - of course the wings will be black towards the edges. EDGE!

    No but serial, wings on the indian-kitsch eagles one can enjoy at bikers' conventions and at old pizzerias all have black wings. Since this is kitsch, I will follow suit. Now, time for a kebab.