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This is a message to mr Bulvan, and not really a blogpost, so the information is not interesting, quit reading if you're not mr Bulvan.

Hello mr Bulvan!

Here's the complete wish list:

1x SA1 The Mahdi mounted on a camel
1x SA 16 Baggara Horse command

1x KOR11 Armoured Cavalry with bows - if fewer than three in each pack, then forget about it.

And a cannon from whatever the range is.

Perry Miniatures Ox team

Lots of work and little free time presents to you: Someone else's work!

The Perry Miniatures Ox team looks great and could be used for a whole fuck-bunch of different projects. Yes, I said it: different projects. One can find them here http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index.php

As you all know, it is still dark during the days here, so updates are on hold until work allows me to go and buy a super lamp. Good day! December's closing in. Have you started on your christmas projects yet?


Stolen slates: Theft!


Yes, it is true. Today I stole slates. Found it next to a big DIY-store. There were six different containers put in the ground as decoration. Fast a fox, cunning like a badger etc, I simply put my hand in there and took some! Finally, after looking around this not-so-great country of mine for years, I finally found some flipping slate!

The slate will come in handy when I eventually do the unit filler article on this great blog of ours. Goodbye, goodbye!


Bad weather

Or bad latitude. The sun is up between 0900 and 1500. It is a bleak sun, sort of the sun from the movie "Sunshine". Because of this the War of the Ring-related blog "jaowsbloggen" is under extreme tension: How will I update if I my pictures, normally half-assed, now are utter crap?

A light-box and a day light bulb is the solution! But it will take some time, so bear with the many updates on other peoples stuff and hobbying, and the occasional indie-singer/songwrite from Japan.


Back from vacation

Back from vacation and ready for hard work before christmas. It is only a dryg month left, lots of things to do, especially work-related. I will try to do something christmas-themed if I find the time. We'll see. Until then, keep the christmas-flow up by watching a great Japanese indie singer/songwriter, I have translated the text with my basic anime-japanese knowledge below (couldn't embed the text file, though... so I just copy-pasted it to the blog for you to fix yourself).

What you need to do to get this nice video texted by Llama is to download the song (you can find it in your temporary internet files after it's done streaming) and then create a textfile named the same as the song (you decide). The txt-file need to have the ending *.vrs. Place it in the same catalouge (desktop is aaiight) and fire away with VLC-player. The textfile will of course need the following copy-pasted inside and saved:

00:00:00,314 --> 00:00:03,314
Jin-jin jinnu-berru jin-jin jinnu-bellu
00:00:02,415 --> 00:00:04,415
Meeelly Klissmass!
00:00:04,916 --> 00:00:08,057
Jin-jin jinnu-berru jin-jin jinnu-bellu
00:00:08,258 --> 00:00:09,461
Meelly Klissmass!
00:00:10,458 --> 00:00:12,461
Gook juul!
00:00:12,558 --> 00:00:14,761
Där vi firar glatt!
00:00:13,858 --> 00:00:15,461
00:00:15,558 --> 00:00:19,461
Vänta en liten stund till
00:00:18,558 --> 00:00:20,361
Glitter i ansiktet!
00:00:20,558 --> 00:00:22,461
00:00:23,558 --> 00:00:24,461
Melry Klissmass!
00:00:25,558 --> 00:00:27,461
Ninja me wa...
... arisk jul!
00:00:27,478 --> 00:00:29,461
00:00:28,278 --> 00:00:30,261
00:00:30,678 --> 00:00:31,461
Weeeöööw! Stjärna i huvudet!
00:00:32,078 --> 00:00:35,461
Freestajlar: Men, jag önskar mig
00:00:35,578 --> 00:00:37,461
Usetta-utamo!? Aii-aia... Kata-kattakamo!? ???
00:00:38,008 --> 00:00:40,461
00:00:40,008 --> 00:00:43,461
Kira-ki-randu! Kiru, karajabaj!

There are some minor errors in the translation, but you get the geist of it. This beutifully sang song tells a story of longing of a simpler life and contradictory also of traditions and love.

EDIT: It is texted in my native language, so all you people not from Ultima Thule will probably not understand what she says. Again, its a beutiful song.

And as a last miniature wargaming related note: Next update will be about unit fillers. I know there are a lot of people out there who likes to look at unit fillers, so do I, and hence, I will write and upload pictures abooot that. Hejdå hejdå


Mushroom Factory

When doing stuff for miniature wargaming, one will invariably need mushrooms. Preferably toadstools - sometimes Amanita virosa, the white variant - to break up a coherently coloured base, not that the base is boring when it has a unified and tidy colour scheme, but the extra colour gives it a little extra (I think some miniatures-master-painter called it spotcolour). In the neverending Edheldu project for War of the Ring I'm hobbying with at the moment, the toadstools are used on nearly all formations mainly to tie the whole crap together and not for colour - I could just as well use autumn coloured lichen etc.

So, how do one make such things? This is my mushroom factory and if you are really, really stupid and/or uncreative, you can perhaps get some use of this picture. In all other cases, consider it eye-candy.

Unit filler

Since I have actually done some things but not taken any pictures of them, I will post this good old picture. I hope for your sake I don't have to tell you which country this happened in. The picture was found either on the podhammer-forums or elsewhere, skit samma.

Please note I will go on a cruise and be gone for three days, so take the time to enjoy the early posts of the jaowsblogg. Or, if you know any of the Scandinavian-languages, please hop into http://katastrofalaomslag.blogspot.com/ for some interesting pictures. I first thought I'd steal the whole idea and post here and there, but then realized it would be bad. 'Cause drugs are bad, mmkay.

And as a last note, I hope everyone got the whole thing with unit-filler since this post has almost nothing to do with miniature wargaming in Middle-Earth... it's a filler.


Miniature Wargaming generics

Just a small note on GW:s basing technique, it is called copy-paste and is the next big thing. Notice the little smudge to the right, like the first layer of colour weren't really dry when the following layer was painted. The reason why I post this is that I've found this little smudge on every frikkin base I've looked at on their boring website.

The Wood Elf Huorns have progressed. Actually more than seen on these photos but I don't have time to take and upload another one.

And, following here, are the huge crystals of the blah-blah-blah cave of Musheu-musheu-land in South America. Large crystals are possible, maybe not as common as in the fantasy world but definitely not as unreal as one might think.


WHFB Great Eagle pinning

Minor update. Just wanted to tell everyone how important it is to pin a model like this. The wings weighs like two kilos each and if you drop one of the legs on yourself you'll get bruised. It is a heavy piece.

So, what I have done here is I just drilled two small holes in each of the "slots" for each wing and did the same on the wings - I never bothered to measure exactly so the holes on each piece didn't align exactly, but close enough. As seen in earlier posts the model is assembled and is waiting for the putty-work! The putty is, in this case, not really important for durability since it is pinned, but I think it could help greatly if you'd just super-glued the wings to the model.

The WHFB Great Eagle will be used, as noted earlier, in my Wood Elves army for War of the Ring. A heavily themed army, with no back-story other than "they are coming out of the forest to battle and with them are some birds (birds + elves = true) and some stone guardians".


WHFB Great Eagle size

I got the WHFB Great Eagle at almost half the price of a LotR SBG/WotR Great Eagle. Didn't knew it was so large. Huge!


Progress on Stone Guardian for WotR

The Pukelman looks funny, he makes me laugh with his little fish mouth and blue body makeup, but nevertheless I have never been so proud of anything I've done within the frames of this hobby.



Found the link for the Abrakhan Guard that was made by a Polish person:


That's a mighty long link, that is. I am sure there are ways to make a link look hotter... perhaps this:

Linkus to Abrakhan guard-guy

EDIT: Yaay, it worked! See this good people reading the jaowsblogg, onwards and upwards, the blog just keeps on getting better (in some regards).


DIY Huorns and Pukelman

Wood Elves DIY
The Stone Guardian looks like something from a cartoon at this stage... he is loosely based on one of Angus McBride's drawings though. Angus was a good illustrator who did realistic and sometimes also half-fantastic illustrations for a whole bunch of informative books and games, as well.

Notice the change in material here. By using the polystyrene material I get a whole bunch of cons, but actually very few pros. So why do it? Well, I wanted to try something new... and it seems as it could work.

I am very much pleased with the feeling of dynamic movement with this company of mini-treemen, or Huorns. Why are some people calling them Treants, though?


Carroccio - project for Condottieri or WotR?!

Since all my Mercenaries and European medieval fighters have been based and organized in correlation to Games Workshops rules system War of the Ring, one could strangely enough say: A Carroccio for War of the Ring.

Anyway, this is one interpretation (picture below) of how a C. could look. When looking in my "The history of the Church in art" (actually very much more entertaining than it sounds) I can find NO entry for the C. Hmm... perhaps this was just a war-thing? Which makes me wonder, are there other semi-religious stuff that the military "invented" and used without the churchs approval... ? In a way like the flagellants of Europe probably not were supported by the church.

So, come on now, readers of the blog, use your minds and then your fat fingers to type something abooot this in the comments. Otherwise I'll do it myself to make it look like people actually care. You have been warned. You may use the F-bomb when commenting.

Picture stolen from maggiolatalicignanese.it...

UPDATE EDIT: On sunday 40k radio will have a live show. Still waiting for the World's End to record show 63. The D6G is actually quite entertaining if you like boardgames and other stuff.

EDIT 2: Rambling deleted.

EDIT 3: Forgot the last picture. Third edit, sigh... It is however late and I've had my ears violated by screaming and shouting teen girls at a concert.

EDIT 4: What do my ears' condition have to do with me forgetting large parts of the blogpost? Probably a lot, now time for bed. Here's hoping for no EDIT 5!

Polish guy: Abrakhan Guard-conversion

I am currently being thoroughly impressed by this Polish guy's conversion: Using a Corsair Archer he managed to get this awesome [åsom'] - dare I say rad without irony? - Abrakhan Guard. A good alternative to buying the models, just do like he did. Link will follow, lost the page I found it on...

Again, I have had nothing to do with this work, just wanted to share this persons nice work.

If someone have the link to this, please contact me. I am sure there are other goodies over there...

Tomorrow, though, you will find an update on the good ol' Edheldu. This time its the Huorns. They are coming along nicely. Really nice.


Perry Miniatures European Mercenaries

General cleaning up, fixing bases etc etc, but nevertheless ready for the tabletop (when the bases are done, naturally). Dare I say rad? Well, lets hear from the client and see what he thinks. I suggest "rad".

If you like saying "rad", or more importantly, like to hear other people say that, then I suggest you go to http://podhammer.net/ for some rad talking. Podhammer is an entertaining podcast that probably will change main-host within a few episodes - there are old and quite funny episodes to listen to on the homepage if a change of main-host happens and turns out bad.