Carroccio - project for Condottieri or WotR?!

Since all my Mercenaries and European medieval fighters have been based and organized in correlation to Games Workshops rules system War of the Ring, one could strangely enough say: A Carroccio for War of the Ring.

Anyway, this is one interpretation (picture below) of how a C. could look. When looking in my "The history of the Church in art" (actually very much more entertaining than it sounds) I can find NO entry for the C. Hmm... perhaps this was just a war-thing? Which makes me wonder, are there other semi-religious stuff that the military "invented" and used without the churchs approval... ? In a way like the flagellants of Europe probably not were supported by the church.

So, come on now, readers of the blog, use your minds and then your fat fingers to type something abooot this in the comments. Otherwise I'll do it myself to make it look like people actually care. You have been warned. You may use the F-bomb when commenting.

Picture stolen from maggiolatalicignanese.it...

UPDATE EDIT: On sunday 40k radio will have a live show. Still waiting for the World's End to record show 63. The D6G is actually quite entertaining if you like boardgames and other stuff.

EDIT 2: Rambling deleted.

EDIT 3: Forgot the last picture. Third edit, sigh... It is however late and I've had my ears violated by screaming and shouting teen girls at a concert.

EDIT 4: What do my ears' condition have to do with me forgetting large parts of the blogpost? Probably a lot, now time for bed. Here's hoping for no EDIT 5!

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  1. Those pictures look like some small baroque versions of the old carroccios. See wikipedia for more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroccio. They were much larger with a big platform and a vexillia/huge banner and an altar.

    Sometimes it would function as a platform for the commander and trumpeters and in Milan they had a massive crusifix (instead of a vexillia perhaps). I have some decent pictures that I will add to my blog.


  2. Check oot this new post with some good pictures of bug carroccios: http://flowerofbattle.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/carroccio/