Unit filler

Since I have actually done some things but not taken any pictures of them, I will post this good old picture. I hope for your sake I don't have to tell you which country this happened in. The picture was found either on the podhammer-forums or elsewhere, skit samma.

Please note I will go on a cruise and be gone for three days, so take the time to enjoy the early posts of the jaowsblogg. Or, if you know any of the Scandinavian-languages, please hop into http://katastrofalaomslag.blogspot.com/ for some interesting pictures. I first thought I'd steal the whole idea and post here and there, but then realized it would be bad. 'Cause drugs are bad, mmkay.

And as a last note, I hope everyone got the whole thing with unit-filler since this post has almost nothing to do with miniature wargaming in Middle-Earth... it's a filler.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for the double-take on the unit filler joke -- its appreciated. And katastrofala omslag was funny. Triple fun times.

    /Bengla Dohia
    National Beard Champion
    East Timor

  2. Quadruple fun, mr Bengla from the NBC of ET.