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Just a small note on GW:s basing technique, it is called copy-paste and is the next big thing. Notice the little smudge to the right, like the first layer of colour weren't really dry when the following layer was painted. The reason why I post this is that I've found this little smudge on every frikkin base I've looked at on their boring website.

The Wood Elf Huorns have progressed. Actually more than seen on these photos but I don't have time to take and upload another one.

And, following here, are the huge crystals of the blah-blah-blah cave of Musheu-musheu-land in South America. Large crystals are possible, maybe not as common as in the fantasy world but definitely not as unreal as one might think.

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  1. Great stuff and great cristals.

    The Generic Poster

  2. Thank you, I like my cristals.

    Please, spam away in the other blogposts.

    And if you have something else to say, whether it'd be about minis or politics and religion, please do.