Perry Miniatures European Mercenaries

General cleaning up, fixing bases etc etc, but nevertheless ready for the tabletop (when the bases are done, naturally). Dare I say rad? Well, lets hear from the client and see what he thinks. I suggest "rad".

If you like saying "rad", or more importantly, like to hear other people say that, then I suggest you go to http://podhammer.net/ for some rad talking. Podhammer is an entertaining podcast that probably will change main-host within a few episodes - there are old and quite funny episodes to listen to on the homepage if a change of main-host happens and turns out bad.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Rad!!

    That went fast! Too good, too fast.


  2. Toooo good. Tjoho!

  3. BTW, you didn't respond to my question in an earlier post, I asked about the cross-wagon that was brought into battle. Perhaps you should make a special post on that subject on you blog? I want to make one, y'see

  4. Ah, yes -- the caroccio. I'll see if I can make a post aboot that.