DIY Huorns and Pukelman

Wood Elves DIY
The Stone Guardian looks like something from a cartoon at this stage... he is loosely based on one of Angus McBride's drawings though. Angus was a good illustrator who did realistic and sometimes also half-fantastic illustrations for a whole bunch of informative books and games, as well.

Notice the change in material here. By using the polystyrene material I get a whole bunch of cons, but actually very few pros. So why do it? Well, I wanted to try something new... and it seems as it could work.

I am very much pleased with the feeling of dynamic movement with this company of mini-treemen, or Huorns. Why are some people calling them Treants, though?

2 kommentarer:

  1. The Stone Guardian is coming along fine. I like the effective detailing. Not sure about the styrene foam material but we'll see.

    The pose looks good with him trudging along. Not sure if its the camera angle but maybe its a bit top heavy? As in the upper body being a bit tall and the feets a bit small compared to the face? Can't really see the feets though.


  2. Yes, the feet are indeed very small. That is made on purpose. He doesn't have any hands either, which also is made with a purpose. The head is large and made to look like the stone faces scattered in their millions on the movement trays on the Edheldu Army. A nice tie-in.

    Thank you for your comments. Gook Jul!