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Thanks to mr FoB for providing this entertaining link. I am sure there are other interesting articles upon that homepage.


And, as a last note, in the words of Jeff Carroll AKA Sir Podhammer: To make a good podcast about Warhammer, you've got to have a little not talking about Warhammer.


Conversions and painting - WotR

I present to you good readers some mixed painting and conversion progress-pics.

The Haradrim Mûmak Chieftain, which will be used as a regular chieftain for warriors.

Finished Great Huorn. I used another sculpting putty than usual so two of the three mushrooms broke when I put them into the base. However, the new putty cures within a couple of minutes and so is perfect for mini-projects and don't have to worry putting the sculpt in a lightbulb-oven or wait five hours.

Ah, yes, the Mordor Trolls. Lots of things to do with them. They can turn into something really good if given enough time and care.


101:st blogpost

So, this is it. The 101:st blogpost.

Today, or tonight rather, the assistance of the jaowsblog's readers are required. I wish to do a medieval wagon with crosses and other stuff (or was it during the crusades?) which was sometimes bourn into the battle. It had a certain name... can't remember what it was called. Mr FoB has spoken of these contraptions.

I want to make wheels, and to make wheels one need something to put the wheels on and since I've got a new batch of Perry Miniatures Medieval Mercenaries/Men at Arms, to paint for Mr FoB, I thought I might very well do a wagon for them. Unless, of course, the wagon was used in another day and time.

On another note, current projects:

- Edheldu neverending stooory.
- Fixing up the homemade Khandish Charioteers.
- Greek Hoplites, a bunch.
- Laes Dim, undead for War of the Ring, the Angmar faction.
- And around 20-30 different other models and mini-projects, such as a very entertaining one: The Golden King's Golden Horde!

That's all for tonight, goodbye!


Emerging Dryads, again

The Emerging Dryads will be placed within a company of Huorns for my Edheldu Wood Elf army which is coming along nicely. I am, however, thinking of making custom rules for them - I definitely want them to have Resilience 2, but then again a high defence might be enough in character.

If I were to use rules from WotR-rulebook I'm choosing between either single company Uruk-hai Berserker rules OR - since they are growing like weed in a... a... garden ("pun" intended), the more suiting Feral Uruk rules seems better, where you can field more companies in a formation...

DontEvenReply.com via tacticalfanboy.com
I have no idea what this page is about except this extremely funny thing that follows. Mr FoB, commentator and historical closetgamer, sent it to me. You see that, OTHER readers, if you comment with something interesting and perhaps with something funny, you will be greatly rewarded with a mention.

... pour your enemies a nice warm cup of lead...



Happy Autumn

Happy autumn to all you happy campers out there!

There will be WotR-related updates soon enough - currently working on my secret project AND working (sometimes) so the WotR-ing is a tad slower than normal.

But, fear not, there's a lot of WotR-stuff on the workbench! Until later, I leave you with another classic - also stolen from youtube without giving any credit to the guy who originally uploaded it, because this is the Jaowsblogg! Woooooooh!


Huorn for War of the Ring

What rules will it be using? Placed upon a 40mm base I'm thinking it will be an individual monster rather than a filler. I have been using homemade fillers for the Edheldu Wood Elves project and this one would certainly fit as a filler, but I feel this one deserves its own individual base.

Next up is the Stone Guardian, also from Tolkiens world - a Púkelman - who is said, in the stories, comes from the Druadan/Woses of old. Really old. Whatever, I do what I want (said in the voice of Eric Cartman on Jerry Springer).

I will touch it up a slight bit within this week, especially adding some mushrooms to the base to tie it in more with Edheldu and without using the runestones that feature on almost every company-tray. Painting of the fungi/mushroom (ticka, in Scandinavian) on the creature will be done.

Good bye everybody!


Lynx and mushrooms

After celebrations of certain people I found myself flabbergasted (whatever that means. Here: astonished) at the sight of the following object:

I was so surprised to find a North American Lynx in these Scandinavian areas that, when trying to take a photo with my cellphone-camera, I shaked so much that I just got the paws. But it is a Lynx. From Scandinavia.

Lynx and mushrooms... I know a certain photographer that would pay his left hand for this picture but it's mine and I don't need a Norwegian left hand.

On the subject of WotR, however: The Tree Spirit is soon painted and done, the lack of daylight made picture-taking difficult, so we'll wait with that.

Note: The picture is certainly not mine (it is a cat NOT a lynx, and the mushroom is actually the interesting part of the picture - if anyone failed to get that regarding the fact it takes up the whole picture) but a horticulturalist which kindly put up some nice pictures from his gardens. Really nice homepage, link will follow.


Great Huorn

Great Huorn, Tree Spirit or just a unit filler?

Painting has begun on this one. Mounted on a 40mm base.

Did anyone notice in the Macron One intro when they flew on their chairs? Hehehehe... it cracked me up when the last chair-scene showed some guy going from the camera and you could only see the back of his chair XD

Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E0091gTeRg for the japanese version of the chairs, at 00:26.

PS) Forgot to edit out the paint falling off my ghetto-apartment window (in one of the pictures above). I try to spare my readers the grim surroundings of my workbench but sometimes a little detail slips through. Be glad I don't take a photo of the abandoned car below my window which I throw my used light-bulbs on for fun. It makes the most enjoyable sound of breaking glass...


Ma-ma-maa-ma-ma-ma-ma-macron one!

I present Macron One to you all.

Hahaha! Awesome!

Clip used without permission from user 1900s anime because of lack of login on youtube.

Feel the power!

Reply from Covington

An angry internet was sent to me via the tubes (not to mistake with trucks which you can just dump things on) from one of the choir leaders of the Covington Choir:

09312011Dear Sir or Madame
Upon searching internet with netscape I came across your not-so-serious homepage and the images of the Covington Choir that you without permission uploaded upon it. This is not acceptable and you are asked thusly to immediately remove the ofending images and preferably write an apology. The images are furthermore copyright of Mr *** *** and blah-blah-blah
From Mrs *** ***

Again, this proves that blogger needs to fix the commenting. If that'd be done, the Covingtons wouldn't have to be outed like this. A sad four-eyed story indeed.

Morgul Knights

Morgul Knights... The Morgul Knights box from Games Workshop can be summed up in one word: Quality.

Just remembered I had promised to post a link of a Narnian army:


Various WIP:s for WotR

Earlier this day I actually met up with mr FoB - an avid commentator on this blog. I do not know the exact meaning of "avid" but I presume it has something to do with "often and with quality". Aaaanyway, here's a small update and some sneak-peaks of current projects:

Mr FoB, upon eating his fika, told me I need to steer up my blog in regards of commenting. I have been in contact with blogger and await their response in said matter. Until later!

EDIT: Blogger had this posted on their "Known Issues for Blogger"...

We're investigating reports of users not being able to comment on IE8/9 from the embedded form. We hope to have a fix out shortly, but in the meantime we encourage admins to switch to either the full-page or pop-up forms which should be working without issue.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll make sure to update this post as soon as we have more info.

Thank the fuck yourself LOOOOOLLL!!!1!!! XDDDD


Converted Perry Miniatures - Haradrim Warriors

A batch of true convertites are waiting to be pictured, but in the meantime one can look to the left on this image to find a spearman and an archer or two that has been converted from the famous Mahdist Ansars, from Perry Miniatures.


Black Numenoreans

A last update before silence strikes this blog for a couple of days.

Black Numenoreans, or Mournedain, as they are sometimes called. I made these guys almost three years ago and had forgotten about them.

Shields... in the end I did a more simplistic style - the final results will be posted within a few weeks. Though they've been ready for years now, I don't think they've ever seen a game.

I hadn't started with the crests on the helmets, but they all got one.

This is what you can do with your Warriors of Numenor that end up unused when you buy the Warriors of the Last Alliance box. You can make Black Numenoreans. An interesting thing here is the size: I would bet my left hand that the Black Numenoreans made by GW is roughly twice the size of these (also made by GW)...

Don't worry about the lack of light and high (?) ISO, the pics are old. I do have a few nice companies of Morgul Knights, made by GW, but they are stored in the bottom of my Mordor box so they will feature another day.


Other projects

As I currently am working on another project the WotR-stuff will be neglected for a few days (and lots of work coming up soon too). The project is of a sensitive character and has the potential to expose my true identity, so I will try not to post pictures of it...

Mr FoB says:

The Abrakhan guards have ended up really nice. Some good converted heads and ankles and weapons there. My only comment is that the golden details look a bit.. perhaps flat? Like on the banner -- maybe it would look good to shade and highlight the gold (and the other colours as well)? Not sure.

The Renendra gravestones look like a useful addition to many genres of tabletops.

I post his e-mail to make it look like people actually comment.

Now, I must continue my top-secret project, but keep those comments coming! Tjohej!


Abrakhan Guard with Golden King done

Golden King with his Abrakhan Guard and full command is finished. The trays have been moderately desert-themed: A little static grass, ambigously looking sand/dry earth - no-one knows really, and what looks like dry flag (word? The long grass-like thingies that grows in shallow water close to banks and still coasts) but really is meant to look deserty and dead.

Some progress on the converted Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansars. An archer and some spearmen photographed in idiotic angles.

Lastly, I was asked about the Gravestone Set (by Renendra Generics) and so, here's a picture:

With the set follows two crows. I will be using mine on my Edheldu Project. Oh, by the way, I got something in the mail yesterday, which I picked up after work. It wuz aaaawesome!


WotR companies, progress of

First picture is a Spartan themed company of Greek Hoplites with a malevolent Minotaur included for flavour, all based on a home-made WotR infantry movement tray. This one is intended for the horde of Greek Hoplites that I made after being inspired by this thread on TWF:


Naturally, my project will be extremely toned down in comparison to the above project. The company below is done separately since it's so unrealistic when compared to the rest of the horde of ancient Greeks I am painting at the mo'.

And here follows the good old Abrakhans who are almost done now.

I will still have to paint the bases and trays and place some static grass, but after that I will consider it done... see following picture for more information:


An internet was sent from mr FoB

An internet was sent from mr FoB, apparently it was impossible to comment (as usual) on my blog-posts... this will be investigated!

Mr Llama, sir,

This is a good resource for colouring leaves: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/24. I think you've seen it before.


Mr FoB has a webpage for miniatures and modeling, which is historically oriented:


One of his projects are resin building modules which is very interesting (I have posted an image on this blog earlier of one of the first parts to be cast).


Hobby leaves - miniature leaves

Maple leaf seed pods...

Calling out to all you hobbyists out there, how to colour these in the best way? I want a brown dead as well as a few autumn colours, like yellow and red - I've got this exact many mini-leaves and not sure if it's practical to colour three mini-batches or if I have to settle to do just the one. Your help is appreciated!


Edheldu Huorns (WotR-army)

So, as promised, pictures of their faces. The Emerging Edheldu Huorns, sometimes falsely called Dryads, are made out of plastic pieces of the WHFB Wood Elfs Dryads and greenstuff and other things.

And now to something else. Does anybody know when the Hobbit will be released? I've heard December 2012, does that seem probable?

Now, I must go, goodbye-goodbye.