Lynx and mushrooms

After celebrations of certain people I found myself flabbergasted (whatever that means. Here: astonished) at the sight of the following object:

I was so surprised to find a North American Lynx in these Scandinavian areas that, when trying to take a photo with my cellphone-camera, I shaked so much that I just got the paws. But it is a Lynx. From Scandinavia.

Lynx and mushrooms... I know a certain photographer that would pay his left hand for this picture but it's mine and I don't need a Norwegian left hand.

On the subject of WotR, however: The Tree Spirit is soon painted and done, the lack of daylight made picture-taking difficult, so we'll wait with that.

Note: The picture is certainly not mine (it is a cat NOT a lynx, and the mushroom is actually the interesting part of the picture - if anyone failed to get that regarding the fact it takes up the whole picture) but a horticulturalist which kindly put up some nice pictures from his gardens. Really nice homepage, link will follow.

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