Emerging Dryads, again

The Emerging Dryads will be placed within a company of Huorns for my Edheldu Wood Elf army which is coming along nicely. I am, however, thinking of making custom rules for them - I definitely want them to have Resilience 2, but then again a high defence might be enough in character.

If I were to use rules from WotR-rulebook I'm choosing between either single company Uruk-hai Berserker rules OR - since they are growing like weed in a... a... garden ("pun" intended), the more suiting Feral Uruk rules seems better, where you can field more companies in a formation...

DontEvenReply.com via tacticalfanboy.com
I have no idea what this page is about except this extremely funny thing that follows. Mr FoB, commentator and historical closetgamer, sent it to me. You see that, OTHER readers, if you comment with something interesting and perhaps with something funny, you will be greatly rewarded with a mention.

... pour your enemies a nice warm cup of lead...


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