101:st blogpost

So, this is it. The 101:st blogpost.

Today, or tonight rather, the assistance of the jaowsblog's readers are required. I wish to do a medieval wagon with crosses and other stuff (or was it during the crusades?) which was sometimes bourn into the battle. It had a certain name... can't remember what it was called. Mr FoB has spoken of these contraptions.

I want to make wheels, and to make wheels one need something to put the wheels on and since I've got a new batch of Perry Miniatures Medieval Mercenaries/Men at Arms, to paint for Mr FoB, I thought I might very well do a wagon for them. Unless, of course, the wagon was used in another day and time.

On another note, current projects:

- Edheldu neverending stooory.
- Fixing up the homemade Khandish Charioteers.
- Greek Hoplites, a bunch.
- Laes Dim, undead for War of the Ring, the Angmar faction.
- And around 20-30 different other models and mini-projects, such as a very entertaining one: The Golden King's Golden Horde!

That's all for tonight, goodbye!

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