Easter, April 4th.

I will answer some of your comments that I have been unable to answer. Was slightly locked out of my own blog thanks to various annoying things. Additionally, there is no internet in my new apartment so I am writing from my phone.

Moved some of my hobby stuff here and to start things off, a Black-hearted Tree is on its way. Not sure of the thing yet, but is an easy thing to work with, large and uncomplicated.

The paintjob will greatly add to its black-hearted-ness. It is sized roughly like the other treemen I have sculpted.

Noticed that GW is selling Necromunda gangs nowadays. Nice. I would do a gang based on the guys above. But this will not happen in 10-12 years, I think, got enough to sculpt and model already planned. You could say I am slightly strategic in my life.
If you manage to get a good look at the picture above, you will find one of many reasons there's been no posts here (aside from the fact that the fuckers stopped me from logging in to my own blog, annoying as heck).
 But today, it worked, wow... I reacted a little bit like Rich Evans above (in his role as President of Space).

So thumbs up and other finger-gestures on Easter, April 4th, a nice and sunny day...
 ... or is it... did you get good Easter-food? I had burgers for Easter-dinner. But alas...


Wargaming in 2019!

Hello, people!

I am still moving around which means my hobby-stuff aren't available to me yet. In another month I think I might have relocated most of my stuff. Until then, this blog will be quite slow.

I am still doing my taxes, now focusing - phokuzing - on my VAT-deductions which are almost non-existant. This government is just... shit...
... a socialist BS-society...

And the above is the only thing I have to say: 


Next boat project: A mechanical Whale?

Inspired by SeethTzeentch's latest review of a game, this picture popped by. How in the world could it be crowbared into the semi-Middle-earth world that my hobby now deals with? I would do its hull at water-level (there is a name for this amongst historical ship-model builders, something along like half-hull or water-hull).

1) Which side? Dwarves would be so kliché, but alas so suitable. Even though there are lots pointing towards them not being particularly water-liking in Arda, as they are in Warcraft II.
2) How would the front of the "boat" look like? Like a fishie?
3) Is it a submarine? No... rather a semi-submarine.
4) Number three answers the next question, which is about its way of attacking, what weapons it should have: A ram should be the primary weapon and something quirky that complements it based on the faction I decide to own it.
5) Colour scheme? Bronze and verdigris?


The Big European Decline

The Big European Decline and physical conflicts on an individual level

Miniature wargaming deals with war, obviously. It is a fun challenge to learn the rules and prepare and paint your models, and there's an even bigger challenge to actually beat your friend in a game. Previously I have, a bit silly perhaps, stated that I dislike playing modern wargames - I have heard others mention this, but generally in a somewhat pretentious manner and obviously on forums I do not participate in (no one should feel singled out by this, is what I am saying). And why are modern wargames not to my liking? Because it is "too close" to reality. It is no fun when a game portray young European men going into war for the bankers or other bad guys and gutting each other and spilling brains and guts of sons, brothers and husbands. Have you ever watched a war movie? The wounds might have looked grisly in one of the more realistic one, Saving Private Ryan, but I assure you there are many ways a young man can be wounded and still live a few days before expiring... without a face, with guts exposed and no arms... or surviving after the Great War without a nose and eyes until an infection finally killed him off, ending that particular young, intelligent man's life.

I am firm believer in violence, let me preface this. I enjoy inflicting tempered violence upon those that deserve it and it is nice to see a person that I have defeated bleed and flee or just stay there in the (fulfilled) hope that I might accept his submission (I write "his" submission even though I am okay with violence against women, but it is generally not needed as they are extremely weak physically, and besides they tend to enjoy psychological dominance more). But for some reason I can not stand watching other people hurt others, it annoys me and disgust me - in general, there are obvious exceptions, like when "thugs" get what they deserve, that is generally very positive. Nothing more, nothing less than positive - there are no other feelings included or hinted at here: No happiness, no feeling of triumph or justice or even glee... Perhaps a tad of satisfaction that the world is a slightly better place. Most of the time I can feel a slight jealousy, that I would have wanted to take care of the situation but most of the time I am happy to just watch and draw conclusions for future altercations.

Having said that, I would like to segue into The Big Decline that is plauging my part of the world, and very likely yours too if you are a blogger, blog reader or hobbyist because that is a big hint on where you live and who you are. The Big Decline is in my opinion instrumented, but I shall avoid talking about the details as I see them, but instead continue with what realities The Big Decline brings into your life and how you, as a man, might need some information to easier deal with the new "experiences" that you might have to deal with.

What am I talking about? Why, violence on the streets, of course! But I am not talking about a drunken bar fight or the old schoolyard fight where blows were exchanged until one yielded (wheter by force or submitted by acting weak or "tactically reatreated" into the restrooms), nor am I talking about two men that got into an argument which turned violent because both men believed he could take down the other. A gentleman-y fight where when the first one went down the other had won and would walk away, or even help his former adversary - and even call the ambulance had he fallen badly and cracked his skull open (a bunch of examples like this happened in Sweden pre-multiculturalism).

My view on violence is non-complicated: It is a tool that can be enjoyed, just like filing and prepping a nice resin model to be ready for the primer. But unlike resin models violence can turn extremely ugly for you (I guess resin models can kill you if you skip the respiratory protection... ) and here's where I want to nuance what was said above about liking violence: I often get into small confrontations with the aggressive multicultural crowds here in Sweden since they behave extremely badly in general, but this does not mean violence 100% of the time, rather 1%...

Apparently, this paired with a somewhat stressful life these latest years, has not worked wonders stress wise, and after a smaller affliction I had to go to the emergency. Between 17.30 and 01.30 there was nothing to do but sit and think in the hospital, waiting for the understaffed doctors to tend to me (there were some rather grisly cases before me, so I waited stoically with my irregular pulse of 100-126). I had some heart-related issues and amongst other things I wondered about my high rate of pulse, which in turn got me thinking on the time I chased a smaller group of teens away and how my pulse for the first time got so high that I got "my heart in throath" as the saying goes here ("hjärtat i halsgropen"). It surprised me at the time as I had won the day, that I had such a strange stress reaction. It subsided within two, three minutes and it was a non-event at the time.

Sitting there in overcrowded emergency room I realized it was because I had had a rather conflict free time for a while at the time and I was simply unused to the prospect of violence. Had the "teens" decided to turn around after the long chase (I am a bad runner) I might have gotten a sound beating, which is part of the fun of course - but still, I had gotten weak mentally, just like you get weak when you stop lifting!

The visit to the emergency happened a few days ago, and despite my heart problems or whatever it is, I still will not allow to be looked down upon by the marauding orcs in my area, and a day after I got into a "discussion" with a super annoying third worlder. I realized that while I stood my ground well, and portrayed a strong facade I got increasingly ready to piss. Even to the point of pissing my pants!

Thankfully, the guy yielded (somewhat) and we went our separate ways. This almost-pissing-my-pants was not a good sign. And it annoys the heck out of me when I read on prepper forums or other forums that handles conflicts how many arm chair super heroes there are. Here I was, well experienced in dealing with physical confrontation, and I was ready to piss my pants over a heated argument (granted I was extremely angry) with a third worlder?! Pissing your pants is a sign of submission, shitting your pants is a sign of wanting to escape a situation, in my opinion - I am sure that sheltered psychologists have lumped the two behaviours together, but I think they are two somewhat separate things, even though they are closely linked together.

And I read on forums, some stupid shit saying that "if X happened to me I would just do a round house on the first guy and a ninja move on the three ones to my right". No, you would most likely be so stressed that you'd shut down and let the "youths" do whatever they like with you - and considering the racist hate their dark hearts are filled with, it would not turn out okay for you.

Do you know how I deal with conflict? In the ancient way, and that is knowing that it is 99% posture and tribal huffing and puffin'. Obviously I am almost always alone when moving about in my medium sized Swedish city, but I know this without having been taught: If a guy or guys shows subtle signs of "let's call this off" or putting out an olive branch, changes the subject or do a non-sequiteur like "my friend, you never went to the kebab-place over there it is the best, don't you like it my brother?", then they have sized you up, and while they might not have been impressed by you, they have decided that the water is either too murky or, in my case, they went out on the deep end and did not like it. You have not really won, but you did not lose - especially if you aren't the aggressor, which I am rarely, I get "attacked" for not averting my eyes or giving place to the invading males that fills our streets.

So, do not mistake a bludgeon with olive leaves on it as an olive branch, but do take it as a sign of "this could turn ugly for both sides" and leave with your dignity and let them keep theirs by not shouting stupid shit like "Yeah, walk away fucking kebab-techie!", because then you'll get most of your front cranium crushed into as many as 45 fragments, as has happened here. Although in that example, the Swedish lady that got her face crushed just happened to try to get away from a third worlder's advances. Some scenarios are simply unwinnable so make sure you do not get yourself into them (which actually is most important lesson).

- - -

The most fundamental difference between a real man and a woman (I will include weakling men into this category) when it comes to conflict/violence, is how they deal with conflict when they perceive themselves as winners: A weakling man and a woman will often overreach and show their triumph and start to verbally abuse the guy that's seemingly backing down. This will, in the case of a weakling man, often lead to violence, which invariably turns ugly for the wealking man, as he did not understand he was offered a peaceful way to retreat. I have seen it very few times in Sweden, since wealking men here are extremely weak and will back down from a stiff breeze (talking about the prospect of physical violence here, beta Swedes are quite strong in other ways that impress me sometimes) so it rarely happens. But numerous videos I have perused show this behaviour again and again, and I have personally experienced it with our Police "men" and women - they don't know when to start, and they do not know when to stop as they all have a very feminized way of viewing conflict.

So, when it comes to dangerous situations, these two rules apply:

1) Avoid unwinnable scenarios. Simply by thinking once or twice before getting into a non-taxed cab operated by two people that became "Swedes" yesterday, for example. Especially if you are a lady, but I doubt that many women read this blog so it doesn't matter...

2) Learn to recognize when it is time to go separate ways in silence.

3) Do not be afraid to use violence, and remember that some people die from one bad fall after a single hit and others need to be kicked in the head and stomped before they are pacified - and the weaker you are, the more stomping you need, because everyone seems dangerous to you (more often than not Swedes that are getting victimized by the invaders end up getting two or three teeth stomped out of their mouths and most victims of these people get skeletal and cranial injuries (sometimes fatal a week later due to internal bleeding) - this can't be due to the aggressors being afraid can't it? A lot of elderly have been killed or almost killed in this fashion... I wonder why? Could it be for other reasons than being afraid?!


I have travelled a bit and have come to realize how bad Sweden has become if you dislike being dominated by stupid shits. But I realized how well I have been trained these years... I have visited some weird places and everywhere I go I am not afraid, because I have seen worse in my own country! And in almost every country I have visited, I know that while the police might be a lot more openly corrupt, the officers still tend to be men and they actually do something when a crime is committed (especially as a visitor). Here, you will get jailed for defending yourself and hurting the aggressor. If you do not defend yourself, even better for the state, because then you will be just another victim and no agrgessor can be identified because the police did not show up and nothing useful can be gathered from any of thousand surveillance cameras because the beating of a Swede is a low priority crime, just like the hundreds of gang rapes, robbings and general rioting that happens every year.

And you Swedish men reading here, spare me the comment of "Hurr durr I have never been in a confrontation before why are you alwways getting into trouble and X and Z and Y", you know why you haven't because you have backed down and submitted, either knowingly or subconsious, and it eats away the little testosterone you have left. Start asserting yourself, make demands of your peers and enemies and general surroundings and stop averting your eyes, stop allowing certain people taking your space from you. And most of all, leave the car at home, start walking or take the bike and you will start to interact with these new Swedes that are so different from the Persian dentist you meet once a year ("he's so nice, everyone must be nice like him, why did SD get X% of the votes?!?!" while you live in your ethnically homogenous little enclave and fill your big brain with propaganda from the state run TV company (which has a budget of 6 billion SEK) run by extreme leftists and pharisées and similar types...

Lastly, don't believe the media that says our crime is low. There's plenty to go around, it is just that they do not report it. Perhaps I am a living attractor to shitty people just like the guy in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who attracted rains/was-a-rain-god, and I just have happened to see these "extremely unusual events" such as cars exploding, torchings, numerous failed apprehensions by our "police" etc that my worldview is just outrageously wrong... But consider what our media and politicians are calling "an isolated event" and what is "part and parcel of living in a big city" and draw your conclusions.

What does all this have to with wargaming? Not much, just me explaining the backstory why I do not like ultra-violence or violent video games or even games, I prefer the real deal, but in the proper way, not the "lets' gang up on the old man and kill him for 100 SEK" way. That is the way of very stupid and boring people.


The Hobby in "the current year"

Wall of text

As have been stated before, this blog is also about parts of my life in Swedistan, so sometimes you'll get these updates. Perhaps they are for venting, I do not know. Read if you want... 

 The hobby in the current year, for me at least, is rather slow. I thought I should make an update as it is uncool to just leave a blog hanging, like so many people do. The Colonel o'Truth's miniature blog is missed by me, it was a really nice blog, but he just abruptly stopped blogging. I remember he had recently moved to a bigger house, IIRC, and then there were some pulpy updates with rockets and mechanized things and then, poff, nothing more...

Reasons for being slow on updates: I have moved to another city again, and still haven't gotten rid of the old place where all my hobby stuff are, and will keep the place as long as I am unsure what happens with the new job. I have also moved three boxes of hobby to a person in Sweden, he got the banana-boxes (each box furnished with three layers or shelves because I have always lived cramped and needed to stow everything away). Each box containing, respectively: All my Mordor-stuff, all the Gondor and Rohan stuff and then some more stuff that I can't remember.

Back home in the small town I still have enough hobby to have a decent game with, but more importantly, all the DIY-stuff is back there as well, which is missed. The new place I live in is littered with crime, there's been numerous shootings and car burnings, but according to the Troyan mayor of London (amongst others), this is apparently part and parcel of living in a big city and so on...

Part and parcel...

GW re-released boxes and rebranded their Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit line, and are now calling it Middle-earth(TM), which is absolutely acceptable. Nothing new except some nice starter packs that can be said nice things about price-wise. Not sure if I care though, being quite lethargic these latest 30-35 years or so, but I suppose that is just part and parcel of living in this part of the world.

Furthermore I have been watching some Better Call Saul and it is quite acceptable. Watched the movie Melancholia and it was tolerable, some nice scenes here and there. She is quite obnoxious that blonde one but hey, ho. 

Tomorrow I have a work-outing with my new colleagues, and it is fascinating how self-sensoring we have become here, when I am already rehearsing what I can and cannot talk about: Pretend to not noticing the annoying beggars, pretend that I am not fazed by the aggressive "youth" that invariably will try to get a raise out of the natives, and pretend that all is just swell after the election that was not at all haram, it was filled with cheating actually... Bischmallah, they say, and keep on with their lives, and I guess the same goes for me. The globalists won this one, again... Part and parcel of living in marxist EU.

The new job comes with a more than acceptable pay-check, but obviously the state needs a lot of money to keep the things I mentioned above going, so the state will take roughly 60-70% of my salary when all is said and done. The work is still "floor level" but in a really nice and wealthy industry, and I am still totally at a loss as how I got it: 

A few weeks before I sent the application I had made a promise to myself to only apply for the lowest shit-tier work that I could find so I at least could get an interview (most mid-level jobs even openly state that "we prefer applicants that are women or of foreign background") because it was unpleasant to get zero responses as my wallet was getting thin, thin enough to become really worried. 

So, despite this promise, I sent the application to this huge company just to annoy the HR-women that would get it. I was really snarky and unpleasant because I at the time was quite gloomy, and still am obviously... Got a call a week later and went through with all their testing and got the job after some time, at a total loss, how, what?! 

Turns out I was hired in one of the more sought-after departments - had I known which department the vapid HR-ladies had tried to fill I had never even applied as a joke... It is strangely discouraging how much randomness applies to important situations. Generally, jobs are not important to me, other more esoteric things are, but this job has reluctantly become important to me - mainly for the economic boost.

The above might sound like boasting, but it is not, this is not a great job for most people that do hobby (you people are generally smart and well educated etc), but for me, living in the unemployment Mekka of Sweden, I was happy. I am not happy now obviously, happiness is a fleeting emotion that lasts at the most a few minutes, but there are less troubles in my life which is positive.

What is so interesting is that I have literally zero lust of any possession. I look at the GW homepage and there is no interest in their merchandize and miniatures. I like classic clothing (not posting about that here, since my llamaesque identity would be in dire straits, but let's just say I prefer clothes made to last) but now when I am getting a decent paycheck for the first time in my life, I am a position where I only want to lay in my bed. At least I have a bed... if I did not have a bed then... no, I realized, I don't even want a bed, even if I had one. I suppose this is what nirvana feels like.


GW: Middle-Earth

GW is re-releasing a bunch of their models. The infantry models used to come 24 in a box (generally two sprues, sometimes 20 models per box, as were the case with the Uruk-hai Warriors, for example) then were cut to only one sprue per box for the same price, or sometimes even a slight increase. Now, we are back to two sprues, and I can only hope that there are new moulds because the earliest plastic sprues for LotR showed sign of a lot of use: All the newly produced WoMT and WoTLA-sprues had serious flashing and seemed more like China-quality, when compared to how pristine they were in the beginning of LotR: SBG.

Wraith on a fell beast, Rohirrim, Morannon orcs, a troll (I would assume a plastic one) and a bunch of ghastly warriors. Rules and some other publication...

Seems okay. I do not like the dice and their pricing, but to each their own. If we build it, they will come, as was once said somewhere by someone, probably a religiously inclined person. But... what... do I... know... ?

I have moved once more, and have left all my models in another part of Sweden, and I work a lot and I will get electronick moneysis put into my bank account because Swedes are soon not allowed to have cash. Also, a few "select" Swedes have injected chips instead of having to deal with the immense hassle to carry a blipping-card with themselves. Much better to have a chip in your hand.

Sweden, the fuckest of them all. But to each their own... wasn't it so?

But back on track: I rent a room and have 0 (zero) hobby stuff with me. I do not even have a book with me. I took two bags, left home and moved into an apartment with two other humans, and once more I am dealing with the hopeless apartment-situation that has been brought upon us by EU/Swedish politicians/do-godders that have promoted and pushed the massive immigration upon us... Good bye, enjoy GW:s products.


Another break

I'll be relocating once more, so another break is to be expected. Probably very long. See you, Space Cowboy!


Getting rid of Mordor Corpse Ship

Length of corpse/hull: 430 mm or almost 17 inches.
Widht: 100 mm or 3,9 inches.
Height of corpse/hull: Roughly 100 mm or 3,9 inches. It varies, as is evident above.
Painted: Yes, indeed.
Crew: No. But I suggest a crew of Goblintown goblins and regular Mordor orcs. I can see many interesting hobby projects around this.
Pieces: Three pieces. Main body/hull comes in one piece; the magic tower with the magic rock is one piece; and the head is one piece.

This is one of my favourite projects, both hobby wise and in end result. The model could easily be repainted or primed again without losing any details, and be made in a more sickly, flesh-rotting way. There are evil eyes etched out or rather burnt out of the skin on both sides of the head (where the gills would be, if the monster had had such things).

I put three Goblintown goblins at three different places for size comparison.

Details of the reinforced command-area above. Style: Mordor.

Rusting chains and metal reinforcements. The rust has discoloured the wooden hull.

Part of the corpse ship's aft, starboard side.

Hull without head. Materials used in this picture are: Artist cardboard (no acid-paper, thick), polymer clay (for the sawed off bones), skin is a mixture of various types of polymer clay (mostly Super Sculpey), 3D-printed chains (in PLA), glossy paper for some of the nails, wooden glue, plastic glue, super glue and tinfoil (filler and reinforcer for some of the sculpted areas), some details are wooden. There might be some polystyrene here and there, you'll have to check the blog for more details on the construction and painting.

Centered around where the orcish action would be, had the ship been crewed.

Interested in owning this ship? Offer me a somewhat decent price and it is yours!


SJW Games Workshop

Just had a bit of a rant there, put that away for a while and let it rest, and then I will go back to the topic. Obviously I am right, but it can stay for a while. I shall return to the topic late. Topic being so called entryism.

 Good day!


Wargaming ships

Three done so far. 

One for Harad, one for Isengard (yes, that is very strange, I know) and one for Mordor. 

- Haradrim Slaver, pulled by mega-fish.
- Isengard Steamer, steamboat.
- Mordor Corpse Ship, powered by a magic rock.

Very high-fantasy...

... just like the current trend. "Muh nukular threat!". Persians are good people and maybe their religious leaders aren't awesome, but they sure are much better than their counterpart in Saudi - you know, those that Sweden has done a loooot of military work for. And not to mention the US... But hey-ho, let's fuel the flames between Shia and Sunni, that's a good idea right? And Iran versus the rest of the world...

I dropped the Isengard Steam tank on the floor when I was extracting my mirror from my cupboard. It broke in seven or eight pieces - nothing terrible, but I decided to scrap it anyway, because I can always use the space for something else. Besides, the models on top can be used as crew for the Isengard Steamer.
Broken into smaller pieces. Bye, bye Steamtank, take your silly high-fantasy with you back to Age of Sigmar, in LotR: SBG there is no space for such silliness.


Painted Haradrim Slaver (ship)

Started painting the Haradrim Slaver

Got really bored with this project, so a bunch of planned details were scrapped from the sketchy "blueprints". It started quite inspired... still it has a specific look so I think I shall be pleased still. Going to need to add some form of anchor, some more bones and ropes and then paint her crew.
It's got a weird and open hull for a reason. This is a light ship pulled by fish-things, which is why many chains and things protrude from the ship's fore (bow?), since that is how the haradrim control the beasts. They bring fodder (there is a specific term for that in the English language, I believe it is the left-overs of eviscerated food fish as well as small fish mixed together which you can throw in to attract fish before either diving or fishing for more fish).
Below deck there's cots and a large area with chains for the captured slaves to be brought back to the many slave markets in Near Harad and elsewhere. They have been known to take slaves from Far Harad as well as in Haradrim itself, from tribes that are weak enough to let themselves get captured.

The parts, never bothered afixing the look out tower. It is appropriate to repeat, in case it isn't obvious: It is annoying to make ships with masts - and I am not only talking about somewhat realistic model ships with rigging, no it's mainly about the problems with storing them. Surely I can make detachable sails and masts, but that is for later.


Painted Corpse Ship

Mordor Corpse Ship. Painted.

The rotten hull was really fast to paint, the metal took ages to do... with all the rust and stuff...

Power stone not painted yet. Thinking of adding some flesh tones to deaden-up the corpse, as well as make it's eyes slightly more morbid rather than the milky dead stare.

Did not go overboard with the yellow rust tones... Quick question though: The eyes on the corpse's body (both sides), should I accentuate them somehow? Read wash? Dark colours? I feel like it need a spot colour, even if it is large enough to let the models crewing it have that effect...

All in all this was a pretty entertaining project inbetween a whole lot of other stuff to do, which was nice, it made me forget some stuff that I did not need brood upon for the moment.

Wanted to post this greentext for a while and could never find a suitable post to crowbar it into, so I'll just put it here...

If you want to see these work in progress pictures better I highly recommend that you right-click them and open in a new window for better resolution...


Let's end with a non-sequiteur so this llama can feel more edumacated and 'ntllactual.