D:< Bob Dylan, Nobel Litterature Laurate 2016 >:O

A few days a ago I had a "conversation" with my brother-in-law where I basically held a monolouge about the current Nobel committées' biggest problem: It has been hijacked by dumb leftists and "affirmative action"-women. Like everything else in Sweden. 

Peter Englund, doors symbolically open to stupidity behind him.

Not sure if it started when the quisling Peter Englund - a good author, yes, but still an "ex"-marxist - got the position as the "Invariable Secretary" after the flamboyant, highly educated and intelligent man Horace 

Smartest man in Sweden? Left the academy in time: Horace Engdahl.

Engdahl quit his position (undoubtedly due to the majority of the other's lack of knowledge and education in the committée). 

I shall not dwell on the various fools that has since been awarded a place in the committée, but as the old saying goes: "When females go in, logic goes out the window". And quick as a pie, at that.

It is a scandal! Well, not really, I was expecting something awful from them and in a way I had already written them off as a bunch of idiots. Especially when Harold Pinter was awarded the prize for floundering around a theater and spreading some badly written dialogue around stage...

Quick reminder for the dumb C:s in the committee: "... inom litteraturen har producerat det utmärktaste i idealisk rigtning". It literally says literature NOT FUCKING POP MUSIC LYRICS!

"Get with the time, it is [the current year, we need to rebalance our view on what is literature and how we actually hinder less-fortunate humans to read and appreciate culture. Hence this awesome choice." 

I can only assume is what they would say.

Perhaps it is nowadays not a prerequisite to be literate to get a chair in the committée, that would explain this year's choice: "A catchy tune from a subversive traitor, yeah that'll do, I can't be bothered reading all these 'angry, white, middle-aged men', I am a Swedish feminist, I can't fathom the simplest of logics and arguments. Only feelings."

Let's just reiterate the fact that we men have built this world and that roughly 98% of all great books have been written by a man from our parts of the world. While Bob Dylan is a man, he is not one of us, nor is he a man in any sense, whiny fucktard as he is... (this post is not whiny, by the way, it is merely asserting facts, hr-hrm... )

No, let Bob Dylan, the minstrel get the Nobel prize of dumbneddnessy. And he could really use the money as well. Sir Bob Dylan, I would assume... they give those titles out to anyone nowadays. But then again, maybe they've always done that, considering the shape of all the old "houses" of Europe.

Over-rated, is what I have always said his music was and is. His writing? Don't care, it has nothing to do with literature - even if he may or may not have had someone ghost-write his (very likely) shit-boring biograpy. So, fuck you Bob Dylan, and fuck the entirety of the Literature Nobel Committée!

- - -

A dumb, hot girl that I used to hang with - a real party girl, with absolute zero interest in literature - once said: 

"Why are they giving the literature prize in literatur to a bunch of boring old men whom I've never heard of. I think Bob Dylan should get the prize."


Making bugs, reading Magus Miniatures-blog

Read through post for information.

Shameless plug for mr J:s blog (with hopefully some contribution by yours truly). Just a quick promotion-thingie, I expect to drone on about the subject in some more detail, but life is "having her way with me" (well, not in that kind of way) and I am lacking time, time and time - except during the evenings when everything finally calms down and people finally refrain from calling me. I checked the full phone-history for yesterday (more than a dozen different people and things with a tonne of SMS:es and calls and a bunch of emails) and I remember once upon a time when I was a bit envious of my frenemy* A. who was extremely popular and wanted by everyone - his phone would be ringing constantly, SMS:es and dates and things-to-do. And he knew people all over Europe, Australia and USA which all took a detour up to Sweden to meet him (if they were going to Europe for some reason). I now realize it comes a time in one's life when there's a perfect storm ....

... speaking of storm: The wind is nearly blowing my smallish balcony away, need to go check on that...

Just checking the balcony, armed of course
 with a black powder Colt**

... it's still there, so back to the short story (of my life): So, my friend A. seemed extremely popular at the time and that impression of being needed fed into the popularity-loop in three ways:

1) Especially women found him extremely alluring for the simple reason other people wanted his time. Social proof and all that, which gave him a x10 increase in approaches from women, acquinted and unknown, making him busier.

2) If you have more than two or three people every day that wants something from you (or give something), then the rest of the people that may need some time of you will have to be scheduled (if you have a job or studies, that is, naturally - you won't have this problem if you want to be a shut-in all day). Scheduling people is alluring and people wants what is scarce, it seems.

3) This means you will have less time contacting old friends, less time doing things with other people you want to do, and the impression that you are important just increases, which in turn makes your stocks go up and more people want your time. This means, the moment you finally have free time, there's a queue of awesome stuff to do. If you wanted to, you'd be busy 24/7/365/75 or something like that.

Of course, if you look like a sack of lard, never actually accomplishes something or is no fun being around, the feedback won't happen, how busy you may or not may be playing video games.

I was going to finish this with some sort of analysis but funnily enough I am off to a meeting, in promptu planned today after a couple of phone calls (which was made because some other guy slipped up). What I droned on about this Friday might be obvious to most people, but for a kind-of-an-introvert who can also appreciate social things, this has been a realization. As to my frenemy A. he still lives his hectic life and he is constantly reaping the benefits of it: Completely uneducated, whole-heartedly uninterested in academics, philosophy or any esoteric stuff, he can land very well paid jobs, got himself a sailing boat and an address "to dieeee foooor". Not to mention he is well payed doing what he loves: Networking.

Had my frenemy A. sent this letter, NASA would have 
employed him. Social skills Level 100.

This has been my extremely long winded way of expressing why my blog is slightly less tended to than normal. Lastly, expect some updates by me on the joint-project on the blog Magus Miniatures. Luckily for you, it is only J:s quality updates at the moment, which includes good photos, no political bullshit that makes you angry and a lot of well written texts about Pontic warbands, Gothic levy spearmen, stories and history and hopefully some interesting terrain-pictures following in Decmeber!

Ending with these pictures of an upcoming project of mine. Flying dick-heads? To end this post in a nice little bow, if it was not obvious to everyone, the video portrays my frenemy A. in a rather accurate way. That guy can be described as a cool dickhead. Hipsterism is slowly dying, though, the vid is 6 years old. I feel old, on the inside, though outside I hang with the cool kids (see clickbait picture that I started this post with - hah got ya! Those girls are eleven years old! Disgusting!).

*) I think the term is jokingly refering to the mixture of "friend" and "enemy".
**) In my old place, this is EXACTLY what I sometimes had to do. I am glad that I do not live there anymore, but I sometimes miss it, especially a few weeks ago when I threw a tantrum and destroyed my printer: In the old apartment complex no-one would have cared. Here, they thought it was a murder (of Crows).


Painting the Moth Queen, Part 1

So, the printer is still very broken and that makes me feel better. Additionally, some paint has found it's way upon the leathery surface of mrs Moth.

These are basically just the first few washes. Rest assured more paint will find it's way upon her surface.

That's basically all she wrote folks/bloggers/people, I will now leave my little home for an adventure!

#PrinterAdventures2016 #TriggeredByPrinter #PrinterShaming #SwedishTrump2018 #NotSoBodyPositiveTowardsCouchPotatoes


Finished Moth Queen and **** Printer

NSFW update (disgusting leddit term, but kind of true tonight)

Edit: I was a tad angry here and I still am, hence the childish language.

Finally snapped and destroyed my fucking ****-printer:

This was but a mere slight relief considering I needed to resist the impulse to first (A) rape the printer to death and then (B) throw the fucker into the wall for... (C) ... a satisfying crash. Instead I had to aggressively tear it apart with my fucking fists of fury - thank god I am not a fat useless fuck with a soft BMI of 40 (like 50% of Swedish men and 80% of Swedish women, literally go fuck yourselves). Idiot neighbours stopped what they were doing to listen to the sounds of plastics being distorted, goddamn sheltered idiots...
    Took a picture and then destroyed it some more and I am presently teeming with anger, as it were. Short story:

Roughly a week ago I tried to print bills for my newly started company. This did not work despite the printer having paper and ink. Fine, I thought with clenched hands, resisting the impulse to burn the printer, and instead I got my paperwork done in an elaborate way (not including the printer at home) and tried to forget about the printer who rode my mares of the night (as we say). A few days later I was called upon from one of my many volunteer-bullshit things that I do because I love my land and people (but not the current way Sweden behaves, for the record), and I again tried to print a single piece of fucking fuck-paper to help some idiot.
    To keep it short: It did not worked and the printer acted extremely provocative and aggressive towards me. Cue tonight: I tried eleven times to get a single bill to print. The magical twelth time I destroyed it.

What a story, Mark! So, how is your crap life?
    Speaking of crap, here are the High Elves which I have decided are done. I should probably have given them an update of their own, but meh...

Moth Queen is done. She is too big to use effectively in a tabletop game, so I have started on a better one.

Finished legs. It may could be fun painting this thing despite my printer trying to kill me with a rage-induced heart attack.

Bin Laden in my kind of hometown, south of our capital Stockholm. I have zero energy to make up something funny or try to "segue"/segway this into something funny, so make up something funny yourself you useless twat (please comment below, link and give a thumbs up and tell me how I can avoid shitty printers in the future).

This is how I tried to get a grip on how to make the legs. I had one single driving force here, and that was - well two actually:

1) Not look stupid
2) Easy to cast

Well, three reasons:

3) Easy to NOT brake.

 As you can see in the other pictures this is the design that I chose. Scroll up to see the finished legs.

Godd bye and may your printer explode   Also, fucking comic sans default font from blogger, f u 2 blogger mate lolololol

And remember fat Swedes, looks matter.


Painting Galadhrim Warriors

My first plan was to theme these guys profusely: Their bases, their trays and their general stature and positions were to be compatible with the Mirkwood Palace Guard. But after some advice from a friend I decided not to go that way.

Avid readers may have noticed there's been quite a few posts these latest weeks but if you look at the sidebar to the right --> you may also notice I have had a somewhat erratic posting history over the years, so rest assured that everything is fine. I have a tonne of things to deal with currently. Most of these things are or have been of a positive nature which is fine. It seems my weird disease that I caught nearly a year ago has finally been diagnosed and it is treatable and seems to have been (mostly) treated, and that should give me some energy back - apparently, one of the reasons I have been so tired lately was due to the malady.
      We live and we learn. And get taught.

No more mister Tired-guy, ready for action!

The shields looks like painting abortions: Like they are made out of clay. I will tidy them up and think that they might come out okay. This is what two washes do to a basecoat of gold paint.

Speaking of abortions... not really suitable on 
a hobbyblog but who gives a shit.

Some WIP:s. Nothing special except for the unprimed guy below which showed up after I had primed and painted the two first basecoats. Like a forgotten sock when the washer's already started he showed up, "Sorry, sorry I am late".

Gooddamn picture quality... as always...

... yeah, really funny, should have used the front camera instead of this joke...

And here's where we are at the moment. The trays I will have to reshape, they seem to have warped ever so much... I tried a new sanding-technique here, first some small sand, then some bigger before the first layer had dried and then the "technique" involved me getting bored of waiting for it to dry so I started painting on the wet glue...

... should have used bentonite, aka cat litter.


"High" time for a "dusty" update

Picture (c) some French-guy presumably

No, those are not substance-related hints because today I present to you: Very little meat and huge amounts of potato. Or sauce - and please keep in mind that it is the sauce that gets you fat, not the sausage, which naturally, is what she said. 
    But I digress, as the saying goes. What I am alluding to in the title of this post is of course, the dusty Moth Queen.

Similarities with a certain sci-fi creature should not be too obvious, but some parts of the design are naturally inspired not only by a moth and my own nightmarish dreams (and thoughts!), but also of a computer-game which we know a few of my readers are aware of.

 Speaking of game and toxic females
The Moth Queen's toxic sap-tanks might make some people think of cheesy Turtles (TMNT/TMHT) characters, but fear not, I will type up a nice little explanation of her ability to spray her enemies from afar with toxic sap-stuff. The Moth Queen is, if you had missed it, part of a bigger "army" that I intend to build from scratch, inspired by the story about the She-Ents folly and fall.

Well, take heed and look for tell-tale signs of toxicity...

And speaking of poison and tacky wom... epoxy-putty:

Is there anyone that has tried this putty? My friend recently bought this for the not-so-awesome price of 100 SEK from the country the guy below comes from...

A very brave man.

... and my friend said the putty was "okay". My friend is a man of extremely few words... We meet twice a year and last time we met we exchanged exactly twenty sentences while hanging out (watching movies and playing games). Sometimes that's just the right amount of words.

Other projects on the table are the renovation of the Crazy King. He is a beast among men, nearing a Warhammer human in scale, and rightly so because he rules his lands with a crazy ironfist, eating fruit, sitting on a throne on his "flying" carpet - the king likes to think he is flying, and pretends the slaves carrying him does not exist.

A little bit like this little guy... so much weirdness in one picture it must have been staged... Underwear on a goat with a little Asian man sitting on top of it laughing hysterically at what I can only assume is someone hurting himself. EDIT: The gif did not load properly... bah...

But I digress. The Moth Queen we were talking about... she has a long way to go before being finished and since I am...

... shopping around for money for my company - see what I did there, I inserted a picture of a llama shopping around for stuff - I have not had the time to sculpt all that much, the paperwork needed to increase the likelyhood of getting dough from EU (amongst others) is astounding in mass, time-consumtion and meetings with uneccessary humans (aren't most of us that anyways?).

Speaking of shopoholics: Despite having a tonne of important stuff to do, I don't think I have ever been as free as this summer (after leaving school back in the 1850's); I have visited some towns around Sweden and found two interesting things: The first one was this hobby-shop with some beautiful resin-houses...

(Please pretend you can't see the reflection of my face in the glass, I'd like to keep my anonymity just that: Anonymous, we'll just pretend there's nothing there because I can't be bothered removing the ghostly visage)

... with some very well motived high price tags, I noticed with some sadness in my llama heart...

... and upon passing through another area in Sweden, I managed to get a little tour in a steamboat.

Obviously, I could pass off these frivolities as "work" and "research for my upstarting company". More on that later.

Let's end with a fitting joke, like a bow on a gift, wrapping it all up nice and tidy.

See you later men.