"High" time for a "dusty" update

Picture (c) some French-guy presumably

No, those are not substance-related hints because today I present to you: Very little meat and huge amounts of potato. Or sauce - and please keep in mind that it is the sauce that gets you fat, not the sausage, which naturally, is what she said. 
    But I digress, as the saying goes. What I am alluding to in the title of this post is of course, the dusty Moth Queen.

Similarities with a certain sci-fi creature should not be too obvious, but some parts of the design are naturally inspired not only by a moth and my own nightmarish dreams (and thoughts!), but also of a computer-game which we know a few of my readers are aware of.

 Speaking of game and toxic females
The Moth Queen's toxic sap-tanks might make some people think of cheesy Turtles (TMNT/TMHT) characters, but fear not, I will type up a nice little explanation of her ability to spray her enemies from afar with toxic sap-stuff. The Moth Queen is, if you had missed it, part of a bigger "army" that I intend to build from scratch, inspired by the story about the She-Ents folly and fall.

Well, take heed and look for tell-tale signs of toxicity...

And speaking of poison and tacky wom... epoxy-putty:

Is there anyone that has tried this putty? My friend recently bought this for the not-so-awesome price of 100 SEK from the country the guy below comes from...

A very brave man.

... and my friend said the putty was "okay". My friend is a man of extremely few words... We meet twice a year and last time we met we exchanged exactly twenty sentences while hanging out (watching movies and playing games). Sometimes that's just the right amount of words.

Other projects on the table are the renovation of the Crazy King. He is a beast among men, nearing a Warhammer human in scale, and rightly so because he rules his lands with a crazy ironfist, eating fruit, sitting on a throne on his "flying" carpet - the king likes to think he is flying, and pretends the slaves carrying him does not exist.

A little bit like this little guy... so much weirdness in one picture it must have been staged... Underwear on a goat with a little Asian man sitting on top of it laughing hysterically at what I can only assume is someone hurting himself. EDIT: The gif did not load properly... bah...

But I digress. The Moth Queen we were talking about... she has a long way to go before being finished and since I am...

... shopping around for money for my company - see what I did there, I inserted a picture of a llama shopping around for stuff - I have not had the time to sculpt all that much, the paperwork needed to increase the likelyhood of getting dough from EU (amongst others) is astounding in mass, time-consumtion and meetings with uneccessary humans (aren't most of us that anyways?).

Speaking of shopoholics: Despite having a tonne of important stuff to do, I don't think I have ever been as free as this summer (after leaving school back in the 1850's); I have visited some towns around Sweden and found two interesting things: The first one was this hobby-shop with some beautiful resin-houses...

(Please pretend you can't see the reflection of my face in the glass, I'd like to keep my anonymity just that: Anonymous, we'll just pretend there's nothing there because I can't be bothered removing the ghostly visage)

... with some very well motived high price tags, I noticed with some sadness in my llama heart...

... and upon passing through another area in Sweden, I managed to get a little tour in a steamboat.

Obviously, I could pass off these frivolities as "work" and "research for my upstarting company". More on that later.

Let's end with a fitting joke, like a bow on a gift, wrapping it all up nice and tidy.

See you later men.


A small 28mm cart

Inbetween the various projects and company-building efforts I managed to get most of a small cart done whilst on a hobby-skype-session.

It will be going off with the Swedish Postal Service tomorrow, placed neatly in a little box. We can all hope it will not lose it's way to wherever it is going.

Just like the Swedish Postal Service has lost most of it's former good reputation, so has the Swedish media. And I suspect the group being interviewed also were screened heavily: No "socio-economically-challenged white guys" were likely asked, because it would have skewed the results to below Malawian results.

Their reputation is on par with Hassan's food joint, or more correctly, the nation he setup his business in (might be Sweden considering). You should always check your country for cutting-edge beneficial competition-edges, such as llamas (see picture below):

Here you can see part of my fantastic Nordic Hair-insulated(TM) arm and hand. Typically I have censored most images heavily but laxness has taken over me in this brimstone heat that has fallen over us: 26 C in the shadow and I am melting and getting nothing done...

... the heat got me thinking this when I sat there in my work-chair, melting and sweating. But eventually the night fell and the temperature fell with it and I managed to get some more work done, namely the cart.

- - -

And lastly, these guys moved to Facebook. I dislike Facebook as much as the next guy, but sometimes we all have to make compromises, perhaps even this Llama in the future...


New Fastitocalon

Don't worry maties, I have not forgotten the Moth Queen, nor have a forgotten that I need to produce resin versions of the Great Beast of the Plains and the Dwarf War Wagon - I am still waiting for funding for the machinery...

This is where it is at for the moment. A Mexican standoff in my mind whether I should finish number 2 or not. But I get ahead of myself. Let's rewind the tape and go back in time:

I figured that I needed to make a new fastitocalon that I could produce on a small scale and perhaps "move" a unit or two... so, by combining (see above) the old f-con with new thougths, and some uplifting words from my pal J, work was started on the new f-con.

It was decided by the time I sat in front of my work-station that it would be a mega-beast, big enough to even play small skirmish games on. Again, see above for illustrative illustration, and as stupid as the diabetes-jug is, just as un-good was my idea to make a resin beast you could actually use as a little barge. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much. Especially with diabetes or resin.

Work on it's head has begun in the pictures seen here. Gum in Super Sculpey with the intention of adding green stuff at a later stage. Everything has it time, and I have finally learnt the importance of doing things in order - it makes everything easier and better.

A rather more thought-out head, with elaborated biological explanations added to each part of F-con 2's head. New one versus old one.

And this is where it is for the moment. The project has grinded to a halt for various reasons. And now we are back at where this blogpost started. It is a Mexican standoff. Do I want to continue with this project, even if it has turned out smaller than the original (as I had actually planned), because I am not sure I like it this "small".

Not seen in these pictures are the following: The tantrum I threw when I had to redo it's leg for the second time and I snapped and punched the original fastitocalon. It was one of those unbelievable moments that a person later, when in front of the judge say: "I did not know what came over me, I have no recollection of the moment when I stabbed the defendant."
     Lol.... he said slowly.

It should have been a picture attached to the text above, an image I would have used to illustrate how I felt when I finally finished the first parts of the new fastitocalon's shell: Near tears, not because of smoke, but of irritation and witheld anger. Living in an apartment has it's positives and it's very definite negatives; not being able to scream with frustration is one of those so called cons. Despite having planned this beast in every little detail it seemed everything seemed to go wrong!
     Can't say I have enjoyed the project so far, but looking at it I feel better: It is going somewhere, and it is not up my bum, to say the least, mr Lahey.

Below is a picture I promised mr J: It is a very pedagogical image of how different cultures try to convey either a message, negotiate or plainly solve a problem.

I got some Chinese snacks from a friend who's originally from said country. They tasted like fermented soy and it got me thinking of how different our cultures are but still we are very much alike...

... but this is a lesson we in the West really need to teach our younglings. Individuality is awesome, but with it comes a lot of responsibility.

... and this week I feel like this joke is all too true. Back in the day here in Sweden, no one wouldn't even see the point in joking about this. I hardly find this amusing, even if I like to think I have a sense of humour. What I am trying to say here is mainly directed towards myself: Having a tantrum is all fine and dandy, but to destroy one's models? No, this llama needs to take a hard and long look in the famous mirror and get his priorities straight, up his game and start producing some good stuff. I hope you will follow me down this tiny, shady path filled with distractions.

A sincere hope that you all have your health and are enjoying your summer, and that you Southrons are enjoying your winter. I see you when I see, good people!


Moth Queen and Dwarf Chariot-moulds!

Big update today. The moulds for the chariot are just the first iteration, I will use the successful casts to redo some details I wasn't satisfied with and then make another mould from there. Not sure if that is standard practice, but I felt it necessary with this rather extensive project.

Crammed in a lot of pieces in this one... Above, you can see me mapping out the mould.

As I said: I crammed a lot of components into each mould (not recommended for various reasons) but tried to have a logical system. Above you can see that the various couplings and pulling-paraphernilia got a mould of their own, and the goats were all paired up.

These are the three first acceptably cast dwarves of which two ended up in South Africa!

Basic outline of some of the details of the wagon.

I (stupidly) experimented with using Super Sculpey as anchor-clay for this first mould. It is softer than plastiline... also, as a sidetrack, always remember to use sulphur-free plastilina when using the normal type of silicone. It worked wonders in many ways, using SS, but in the end it reacted with the primer I had used on the dwarves (for marketing reasons) and that in turned reacted in one place with the silicone. All in all this mould was a success.

[Removed a picture which showed a company mould-making-secret]

I felt lazy and have been toying around with various bits and pieces as well as sketching and trying out new ideas on Moth Queen's face. These are just some experiments - in the end I decided that my original design was rather okay, and I will go forward with it.

Too big mandibles... Eventually I sculpted the ones I had intended to do. But the bits helped me visualize how crappy my new idea was. Also, if I would ever sell this flokker, I would not like to use other people's stuff in the final product.

Mapping out and sculpting her sap-containers. Not showing the start of the Final Face.

A moth needs her fur.

Other big news is that Rimworld (see above for a Packaged Survival Meal), by the fantastic Tynan Sylvester, has reached Steam - I do not use Steam since I dislike borrowing things from other people, I like to own my stuff. Hr-hrmph... Time will be allocated to playing Rimworld, but not that much... I backe his project back in whenever, and have been receiving a new alpha every once in a while and have really gotten my fill of the space-colony-storytelling-machine that is Rimworld, but I am not yet fed up with it.

Keep your eyes out for this little guy in the future...

The beer was not my point, but we'll get back to that later. See you later, fingerbangers!