Queen Beruthiel's retinue

The queen with her crew, the Haradrim command-company.

She still looks like a drag-queen but some things just have to stay as they are.
     Nothing more to say today, quite tired - had a long day with visitors and this and that. Good day to you, good sirs.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ay, its queer Beruthiel that. Looks like some serious painting though! What's up with that upsidedown banner?


  2. Ah, finally someone hopping on the queer-bashing-bandwagon. About time. The banner is indeed upsidedown. It is taken from the Perry Miniatures' Mounted Men at Arms pamflett, which indeed had some banners printed on them for use with the riders. I used it as a base for a banner for the queer's company.

    Why won't you update your blog! Come one maaaan!