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June is soon at its end. Midsummer came and went. Celebrated it in a small private oasis in central Stockholm, would you believe it! That meant: No car-fires, no police and no "youth" behaving "double-plus un-good"! We had archipelago water and sun and even some traditional Midsummer-rain. Barbecue and a series of games of kubb. No pickled herring, though... Good times.

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My small habitat is now saturated with models, I do not have any space left which is why the whole hobby is put on the backburner until I find a better place with some sort of large closet. Instead, I have been reading World War Z and its prequel The Zombie Survival Guide which to me seemed like it was the frame work for the author's work with World War Z.
      World War Z have been out for quite some time, I was the last one to read it in my social bubble, which meant everyone was recommending it and saying it was such a great book. Of course, I was very underwhelmed with it. The personal hype is to blame...
     The Zombie Survival Guide is something I would have gotten very much enjoyment from a few years ago, today it was not my thing and I put it down half-way through.

My vacation is soon here and I will not be doing much hobby or spend much time in front of any screen the following four weeks. So, good bye and happy Midsummer.

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