GBU - General Blogging Update - War of the Ring!

War of the Ring is on the table tonight, well, on the time-table that is. I am currently planning June and shifting things along so that I will be able to book mr FoB for a game of War of the Ring - expect a sh*tty battle-report within the end of this month. Anyways, summer's finally here:

... with hopes on seeing more of the above now that the weather is getting amiable once again.

This blog is so full of creativity that I am almost speech-less. I encourage you to visit it and although the content mainly goes within the parameters of "pulp", it is still very inspiring. Colonel Truth, is the creator of said blog...

I want one of the above. Maybe there were some roaming in the far east of the Silken Lands of Arda in Second Age, or if it was First Age?

If you have a blog or website that is sort of pertinent to Middle-Earth or our miniature wargaming hobby in general, please post a little comment and advertise it and I will put it on the sidebar for my own enjoyment. After getting some help from Panagiotis of Dramatic Katastases, all blogs are shown to the right of this post, in order of freshestly (if that's a word) updated.

In other "news", the bear is getting close to completion. Since he's drying under a lamp, I didn't take any pics. He's turning out okay, but not good enough to be a Beorn. I think I'll redo him when my new green stuff arrives from figurspel.se - currently I am almost all out of GS! I still have some super sculpey, thankfully, because soon there is the National Day of Sweden and I'll get a few days off for hobby, YAY! The true nationalday is Midsummer, though, but our idiot-politicians who created this aren't aware of that.

And to finish this rather pointless update, I can inform you that I've ordered the WHFB starterset with the griffin. I intend to trade the rest of the models and bits in that box with someone over at TFW along with a few other LotR-incompatible pieces. The griffin is looking sharp, as they say.

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  1. Yep the 'Colonel' sure does some fine work as I can attest from firsthand viewings...

  2. Oh, yes it is filled with hobby-goddies. I am currently looking through the older entries... makes me want to start doing what he's doing :) but then I would have to abandon WotR and that's not going to happen.