Mantic Pre-orders for (some) of the Kickstarter KoW

Linky, pinky....

Some of the models aren't really turning out especially well - they are okay, but you always expect something more when the company is sort of big. The werewolves look fine, if you ask me, but some of the images from the human line aren't as promising, but that might be the paintjob or whatever - I reserve final judgement until I see them or I am at an especially grumpy mood. But this one just gets on my nerves:

Boooh! The one model that was supposed to look full of life and organic and stuff is really looking like a doll dressed up as a fairy. The model above is not advance order.
      The trolls, some chariots as well as some mummies and some other things are, though. The Elohi/angels look nice... disclaimer: The Elohi is not on pre-order either. Check out their kickstarter update-page for current information.

Edit: Added 200% text and images.

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