Sculpting Saruman - phase one

The basic shape is a Perry Miniatures'  Somali Ansar (holy warrior). One arm is expressing something magic or at least something like "yes, yes, move along now" in an annoyed Sarumanny way.

It is a very basic start, perhaps not even worthy of a blogpost, but as stated in the previous post, I won't be able to put especially much time into hobby-relaxing but I will try to stay focused and not waste my time on Game of Thrones and other such distractions when I am free from work and instead give this little humble project those hours instead.
     I foresee that this project will look fine but the finish will be barely acceptable. With "acceptable" finish I mean: Lots of marks from the sculpting tool, a very uneven surface, unnatural fall of the cloak and just a generally unnatural look of everything that mimics fabric.

Green stuff is difficult to get a nice finish from - Super Sculpey and White Sculpey is much easier, but then again, I wouldn't be able to make it as small as this... I do use vaseline, but I think it would go much better if I had proper lightning and a better slightly less worn out sculpting tool. Summer's over - winter's coming - so there's no more working in the sunlight, which the stag might have shown...
     And lastly, I would like to say a big thank you for all the positive comments lately! It is much appreciated!

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