Modding a mûmak

Wicker-fest 2017 for the mûmak to end all mûmakils (or vice versa, whichever is the singular version - it's like the stupid meme of saying colossi instead of colossuses - are you using English grammar in English? Yes, then don't use grammar from Latin or Ancient Greek).

Before doing the modding, obviously, one will have to putty-up all the seams. It took me quite some time, but not as long as the first elephant I did - I was being overly careful. Now I gave the mould-lines a good sanding and them added the putty whilst watching Harry Potter 7: The Hollow Hallows.

Holy flock - had a huge fight with the interface of blogger just trying to get this
 picture where it is now. It felt like a fever dream or in some dreams when I fight,
having very little strength in the fists (so I dream up a knife instead and get 
the job done - but that is probably  not a suitable topic currently)

So, what I was going to say before I wrote the whatever-you-call-text-under-an-image-in-English was: I am now collecting the über-mensch-models of Far Harad. You may remember them as misters Fight 4, Strength 4 and Attack 2 respectively. Their armour wasn't impressive, but their blow-guns were. Hey-ho, that's what she said and so on...  A great way for GeeDubb to sell their metal models, because frankly, I still believe (although not care) that they were over-powered!

Anyway, the whole gang is getting together...

... to mount silly little wicker-baskets to sit and blow blowdarts from, all day, everyday. The original elephant will get the old, quite well painted for the time (2008?), Haradrim soft-guy-crew back. Yes, I have discarded the original howdah and intend to something silly with wicker instead.

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