Valentino's Day

Today it is the V-day. No, not the va-yay-yay-day, even if it is roughly the same thing in this today's here's gynocentric society, brah. I have been called many things, "exhausting", "aggressive", "arrogant", "amiable", "don't touch me - or well, yeah, okay", """abusive"""" and so on, but never, never in my life have I been called "romantic" and I have no intention to make it happen. Hence this blogpost.

Sluts, they're easy to spot and easy to have a good old time with as long as you keep your frame...

... like this dude does... Like him or hate him, but I think we can all learn to be a little less Valentino and a bit more of a douchebag. 
    Speaking of douchebags, I want to do a blogpost of a one-on-one fight with the Mûmak Far Harad versus the Middlegard Giant (the Middlegard Giant being the douche, obviously, since I am uncertain of the mumakil's personality traits).

So, this is where it is right now. Just got home and I was going to prime it. Noticed there was no white primer left! To be continued...

2 kommentarer:

  1. nice "castle" on the mumakil! xDD

  2. Hehe, you got it right: Castle or "wall", hence the Trump-alluding ;) All in good spirits, obviously