Reworking the Rams?!

Reworking the rams?! But that is tedious and boring! This is the mental reaction I have been experiencing every time I have considered doing some hobby these two weeks - weeks totally devoid of hobby. Funny story, Mark: I wrote "devout" initially, but it should of course be devoid. A freudian slip? No, I hate that fucking hack. The biggest fraud to still be quoted. Fuck you Freud, or more importantly: Fuck you freud-fans, because you are still alive. The only good Freud is a dead Freud.

With Freud out of the way - and my opinions on this "person" (demon, rather) - let us continue with what I have been doing these two weeks. Nuffin'.

Just like these protestors, I have been doin' nuffin. I have also avoided hobby and been doing some home improvement - not the kind that is portrayed by useless white males in movies from Hollywood, you know with funny accidents and slapstick... 

 White men, renovating kitchens since 
the Paleolithic period.

... no, but actual white man work, which of course resulted in quite an acceptable new kitchen.

Well... if you say so. But why is the kid holding up Freud's Traumdeutung? We shall never know.

STOP THE PRESSES! Pigs as water bags are an actual thing! That means that the model I bought from Gejms Wokshop (stop the presses again - proof of psychic aliens - if you search for "gejms wokshop" Google will direct you to Games Workshop, those mind-reading greys!)

I derailed my train of thought and I just wanted to get this out of the way: Living for a short while in Australia was the absolute best time I have ever had - every single day was a grand paradise in itself - and one of the reasons was these little buggers: Fruit-vampires that commuted from some caves and into our fruit-palms (never got the names of those lanky palm trees with fruit that looked like plums) and dropped half eaten fruits into our pool every night. Big guys, they were, but still cute as this little guy.
    The reason I posted this is because this project (Iron Hills Battle Wagon) gave me a lot of inspiration on different badguy-units, one of those, of course being Tolkien Vampires and some bats... See, there's a reason to everything.

So, back to the actual update: Upon finishing my meal today I started looking at the Iron Hills Battle Wagon...

... and rewatched the extended clips from the Hobbit 3, and realized I had miscalculated the size of the rams. With nearly 33%. I opted to redo them, which naturally was not a big deal considering their current rather basic state. Still, it is annoying to redo these things - just making 16 new basic legs will take forever in glue-drying and putty-drying. Using Super Sculpey for legs has proved troublesome for me, although I am sure there are others out there that make it work. SS is just too brittle the way I use it and treat it.

I have been squirming and writhing mentally around myself to find some sort of shortcut in making these four or six rams - making animals and small, humansized 28mm models is a hassle for me, and I progress so slowly in this area because I always take these shortcuts, nearly giving up on this project just because it needs four animals pulling it. In a weak moment I considered making it steam-powered just to get away from it, but I am not yet that high-fantasy desentizised <-- br="" o_0="" spelling="">

Continuing with me looking for shortcuts, I found these Bloodletters horns, which may or may not be used as the rams' oversized horns. They lack the right curve thankfully, so it seems I might be "forced" to sculpt real ones.

This grand counterfeit might be used as a base for a ram's head. Whaddaya think? Would it work? Add a pair of horns and attach the head without the neck straight onto the ram's body? Idiotic? Magnificient? Glourious idea? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to comment, subscribe and leave a comment and give a thumbs up your goddamn Facebook-ass! 
    But seriously, if you have an opinion, don't be afraid to comment. Hr-hrm...

Crew will be based on these two dudes. Somehow, sometime I will sculpt two small dwarves that may or may not look like dwarves. I sincerely hope I am able to pull it off, because if I do, I can honestly say I am getting better at sculpting, sort of a milestone, if you will.
   Lastly, I am not sure whether these rams pulling the dwarf wagon are fantasy creatures or if they are actual goats or male sheep, which are also known as rams, if I am not mistaken. Can some farmer enlighten me on the matter? If you are not a farmer but have mor inlteligence or bigger knowledje then me, plz leemme knou!

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  1. Hmm, they look like mountain goats to me. You know those ones who can climb up walls and stuff? Maybe fantasy mountain goats? They are big enough to carry a fully armoured dwarfs so they might just be bigger than ones common or garden mountain goat?

    Oh, and goats aside, did you know that fruit bats are the largest spreaders of ebola in Africa, or so I've heard. Charming little buggers though. I once had one land on me and crawl all around. Like a mouse with wings!

    1. Haha! Disgusting with ebola - they look so nice and kind and friendly. Never will I ever again "aaw" when I see one XD

      Ah, yes the mountain goats - they are huuuge, maybe I can spin it in that direction? 1000 thanks for that one Joshua!

      /Llama, again un-inlogged C:

    2. Llama here again: Why did the little bugger crawl around you? Is it even possible to guess what these guys want? Did you have some food in your shirt-pocket or something?

    3. I have no idea. He just landed on me and proceeded to crawl everywhere as if he was exploring me. He even climbed all over my head!