Iron Hills Battle Wagon: The Repeter Crossbow

It kind of looks like a boar's head... Some of the plastic parts are from a Perry Miniature kit that contained cannons. Perry Bros to the rescue as always. The tusks however are 50% Games Workshop, 50% Perry Minis and 100% AWESOME! WOOOHOOO! That's 200% tusks.

Artistic freedom in the design of the wagon. It proved useful to keep the wagon in two pieces, and the two will not be attached until they have been thoroughly detailed.

A view of the front, before the repeter crossbow got it's tusks.

Sideview with a placeholder driver.

Instead of three pairs of goats or rams or whatever they are, I will make two pairs, because that is enough legs to sculpt already. Sixteen is a smaller amount than twenty-four. The wagon and the yokes and the rams will all fit onto the 120 mm oval base with some creativity. Placing the Iron Hills Battle Wagon on a larger base is out of the question. Or "precluded" as Google Translate says... never heard the word before... I was certain there is a better word for "uteslutet" in the English language, but who knows.

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  1. Well done! It's really coming along. Still, 16 legs! Yikes! Good luck!

    1. Yep, too many legs and now I will redo them (at least the basic shapes, thank bob). Also, sorry for the goddamn late reply!