The Sixth Wizard - The Red Guy

... or is it Father Yule? Yes, I have done it again, I have, as the English say, "winded you up, mate", I have been "having a go" and what not.
    The sixth wizard is no other than Herr Yule. I could not resist making a little December joke out of this project. Imagine this flokker in Lady in Red - wow - and now imagine him dressed in red. Rad "pun"!

He might look a bit simplistic, but that is plainly because he is only 80% done - the feet aren't done, his belly will need to be slightly increased and a very themed base is under way! Additionally, look below and consider my little miniature endevour as the sculpting of an alpha body. The left body is also good looking but that is more of a conversion than anything. I have really only been converting (with the exception of Thranduil on Elk, I consider the rider a sculpt-from-scratch) man-sized 28 mm models, and the difference in effort is notable I have realized after trying to sculpt Red Yule...

Conversions versus sculpting from scratch above. Speaking of thin, fucking hot women, I have been starting lifting (as they say), so I am inclined to post before and after photos...

Such as this. Before, I was a cow, and now I am a quarter pounder (see how fat she was before taking a selfie with a cow, eeew - get a life loser, start modeling and sculpting - not modeling, though, you cow).

I am a big fan of this Dutch guy, his name is Lowko and 
he plays Starcraft - I am not cyber bullying him, I should add

But I digress... with red eyes, a red mouth and a very late hour on my watch.

To undigress: I have abandoned my release schedule slightly because frankly, it bored the flying fuck out of me (no homo), and I have begun looking at my old Isengard/Curunir shenanigans. Inspired by the above very nice thing (kåppyrajt double-ew - double-ew - double-ew customhåbby dått kåmm (C)).

It is a loaded gun though, the pure scale of high-fantasy involved in my Curunir project is so high I am not sure I can force myself to go through with it...
To get back to the subject matter of the subject Santa Claus: The Red Wizard needs a locomotor of some sort... I am thinking of a sleigh.
Lego to the help. Actually, small relatives to the help: I was looking for legos to buy as Christmas presents and found this beast. Not especially lego-canonical, but an interesting little sleigh, and sort of suitable for the month (December, it is).


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hehe! Love the wizard. He looks like he smokes more than Gandalf and is secretly the owner of a peace symbol factory! He is perfect!
    Hmm, the last image reminds me of myself when I am given a present that I don't want. Hehe.

    1. Haha, yeah, that smile is just perfect, that "eh, yes... " kind of smile. Just nod and it will go away, kind of smile.

      Thanks for the kind words on the "hazy" wizard Santa. He might have eaten more mushrooms than Radagast as well :D