Finished 28 mm Santa Claus

A Santa Claus in a more traditional style. S:t Nicholaus meets Coca Cola Santa meets Swedish jultome circa 1910 (inspiration from Christmas Cards at the time) meets the traditional tiny "santa" - tomte - the little yule gnome that wants you to be kind to him and the animals around you, otherwise he might do some little tricks on you, which traditionally meant burn you alive in your cabin.

His nice little bandana that he wears low on his hips are made low for various reasons, but I should probably have sculpted it in the traditional way, it just looks sloppy looking at it now, it is so low on his hips... like a drunk mall Santa that is about to lose his pants due to lack of belts (and also due not lacking an abundance of alcohol).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hehe, he's fantastic. Write a lotr Christmas scenario for him, although that's a bit WHFB-ish. Stil, he looks veeeery cool! Well done!

    1. Thank you! I am honestly not very good with scenarios... I *might* try this whole affair of scenarios someday though. But scenarios are truly not a strenght of mine :) On the top of my mind:

      Santa-Gandalf need his presents that fell out of the sleigh. Goblins have taken a few and the rest are scattered. Collect presents, and bring them back to the sleigh or something...

      To spice it up, one could of course add the German grinch and some Swedish folklore creatures... hmm, this was kind of fun, making up scenarios :D

    2. Haha, I like it! My one is as follows...

      The cult of Santa(satan) Claws are gathered round the Christmas tree on this most holy of nights to summon the great big balrog of Christmas. The rangers must kill off the cultists before they manage to complete their summoning, while Santa Claws summons gribbly things to stop them (aka watcher in the water, Fastitocalon, Angband beast, etc.

      Hmm, maybe add the white counsel to the rangers. They are here to bring this rogue sorcerer down!

      Anyway, he looks great!

    3. XD That is great! It is a perfect excuse to finally get to use all the "gribblies"!