Father Yule, painting phase 1

Meh... This model turned out okayish, but I kind of lost momentum for a while and then I never regained it, and never went through with the "insande detail" I had projected and planned for. 
    Same with the painting. I say this is phase one, and in reality, that might just be the one, single phase this model gets. The base isn't nearly finished.... had planned a snow theme, a Christmas tree and a matching sleigh with a reindeer-conversion etc.
     Although having a blog actually helped me get this done at least. I wanted to make an update because I dislike blogs that are too sporadic with their updates and felt some sort of responsibility to at least produce a few pictures to warrant an update. Probably the last one before Christmas. Probably the last before 31th of December 2015, but I made my goal and turned the negative spiral of less and less updates that this, and many other blogs, start to suffer after a while.
     But I digress, and I also digress a little bit more before the pictures: My light review on S.W.:  The Meh Awakens gave me some, not really fun feedback, but it made me chuckle.... I lost three followers, heheh, strong feelings/forces (pun intended, as usual) when it comes to Bore Wars. Haven't replied to the comments yet, but I get to that later. Rest assured.

A few months ago I ordered this WHFB-beast for a project that I may or may not launch in 2017, inchallah.

I have collected a lot of pieces for the Curunir project but I am not really feeling up to it.

These lizard-things (also WHFB) could be used for something interesting. Perhaps a few, small Fell Beasts?

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