Bases and a game of LotR: SBG!

When I returned home tonight I found a little note from the mail. I went to the semi-hot girls at my local food-store and got a nice little package (besides the frozen Norwegian pizza and some bubbly water). The new gipsy beggar sitting outside the store seemed to recognize me (I did not recognize him) and did not try to remove anything from my person, so I went home on the old steel horse without a fight, and ripped the package open:

Sooo many bases! Base fest! This is what I like - I had expected a healthy amount of redudant Joshua-bases from the Hobbit starter set, but got a lot more instead, wiihoo! Round bases come at a premium nowadays. Especially liking the 40 mm bases. Thanks man! Also, I heard you had had a shitty week, so here are some favourites to cheer you up:

Red Letter Media's Pabst Blue Ribbon ad, which I thought was a real commercial at first... 
The fast thinker Rich Evans of Red Letter Media and Previously Recorded conjures up a great joke in literally four seconds (watch his face and try to see where he "invents" it).
     All in all, watch anything from RedLetterMedia or it's affilliate (?) Previously Recorded and get in a better mood. Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, Jake Packard and Rich Evans do their best to get themselves laugh or at least smirk, and that is all you need.

Also, we can laugh at my loss in this very downscaled game of Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game.

A game between myself and mr FoB ended with my all cavalry force of 16 warg riders being broken in turn four. Mr FoB used two Rivendell knights with the following homebrewed rules:

Move 24 cm, I think... We played without looking much at the rules and mostly from memory.
Fight 5/2+*
Strength 3
Defence 6
Attacks 1+1 (cavalry bonuses and such things)
Morale 5 (?)

*) In WotR they also have the ignore shields-rule which I have taken from Jamie of Rough (WotR). The elves are awesome archers, period.

In short, my defence 4 raiders were shot here and there, and only a few riders reached the elves and humans. When they reached the elves they were filleted in nice pieces of warg-sashimi and then they were broken. 
    Rivendell knights are some of the best models from the Hobbit-line (obviously my opinion), and with these OP-rules are great to play with AND to play against. I really like my elves to be strong, fast, scary and very dangerous. As long as the points are high (and the stakes equally high, pot-odds and whatnot) enough...
   I am super tired so this is it for tonight. Abrupt end.

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  1. Great to get a game in -- well done!

    1. Yes, it was pleasing, but too short and very little terrain. Which we knew... as a matter of fact, this is the first SBG I have played in like four years... or five? Or more...

      Again, big thanks for the bases, they had a positive influence on my hobby mojo, they made me think about what I could base upon them. Some weird semi-lotry things... :D